"The Chinese people are so rich after the reform and opening up." He recalled a Chinese tour in 2003, said: "There were about 30 Chinese people at the time," he said. To my shop to buy things.I am here to sell some of the replica watches uk classic Western household goods, workmanship is very good.I look at people more, put the door close to let them concentrate on replica watches selection. At that time, I did not think they can buy so much Something, from their dressed look is not like the rich. The results you guess they bought an hour in an hour how much money? $ 500,000. I was so surprised. "Pierre said:" The French businessmen are now very keen to receive customers from China because they have a strong spending power.
In fact, this is not a question. According to the data provided by the French Tourism Bureau, according to incomplete statistics, each mainland Chinese tourists to France, the consumption of uk replica watches about 3,000 US dollars, while the general European and American tourists to the French consumption is only more than 1,000 US dollars.
According to the world luxury report ( news, BMW statistics, today to buy the most high-end BMW car crowd is not Germany, not the United States, nor Japan, but China. In China, its sales are close to 1,000 per year, three times more than ever.


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