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Recently, the world famous academic publisher - Germany Springer Nature Publishing Group, one-time revocation of the alleged fraud of 107 papers, which involves 524 Chinese papers. China's paper fraud in the international academic community has made a rolex replica big impact is not the first time. The incident shocked the Chinese society, causing widespread concern. In fact, in the Chinese intellectual circles, the paper has a long history of fraud, involving various fields, various industries. This is actually in the country is a kind of unspoken rules, at least in academia is well known things. As a result of China's unique title assessment system, the school's number of papers as the evaluation criteria of the system, and the official level, status, a wide range of rolex replica watches economic interests linked to academic nature has become a money, fame slaves. After more than 30 years, we are accustomed to. But with the same fraud and plagiarism, now than the skill


    Why do Professor Qian Liqun say that our current university is cultivating a group of "exquisite ritualists"? Because the academic has become a money, fame and fortune, then the paper can spend money to uk replica watches buy, Dr. title can also spend money to buy, than the world famous is nothing more than the number of papers published; from top to bottom, we are in their respective To learn how to use the existing rules (including the unspoken rules) to replica watches uk make money. Up the next effect, which will inevitably become a student's behavior. "Exquisite rituals", the more intelligent, the more "refined", the more able to use the hidden rules for profit. "Talent" more and more, but not really academic.     Some time ago a number of replica watches professors of the characters issued a lament, in order to obtain title, authority, made academic papers, works, can not do not meet those who have the power to determine the powe


 Social science theory research is not like the study of natural science and technology, need to have a lot of knowledge accumulation, even if there is a real talent, there are big innovation and research ability of people, to make a real theoretical results, Years of sitting on the bench, and even from the theory to practice decades of work, it is impossible to make a real innovation. To do this basic theory of economics, not only need to have a comprehensive philosophy, political economy, the Chinese economy and economic history of Europe and the United States and other aspects of comprehensive cultivation, but also need to engage in economic management and financial operation of the practice, otherwise it is not May be fruitful. For example, "the new theory of credit value - the new principle of macroeconomics," this completely innovative basic theory, is the author has accumulated more than 40 years of theoretical research and extensive political, economic, management, fr

academic distribution

    I would like to give a few examples: China's stock market has introduced the Hong Kong Shi Meilun to manage, has copied the Western stock market, "green shoe system" to end in failure. China's financial reform, guided by Western economic theory during the 2012-2013 period, has now proved to rolex replica be a failed reform. The end of 2007, "two anti-policy" introduced, but also a Western economic theory as a guide to the typical (in my blog in a special analysis), resulting in China in 2008 than the international financial crisis, the United States also violent economic crisis, the stock market Collapse, the resulting economic losses are huge. Of course, the academics and the media at that time will lead the crisis to the reasons for the United States subprime mortgage crisis, in fact, this is a cover up the theory of error and push the responsibility of the behavior, in essence, is an academic moral problem.     Academic behavior evolved into money an

political power

  We all know that official power corruption, corrupt officials in power, the real good officer is a rare bit. Academic corruption is the same. If the academic corruption and authority and power, but also to the replica watches money as a measure of the name, it is impossible to support the real theoretical innovation. What is happening today is that you support me with evaluation rights, and tomorrow I use authority to support you, and the name of the name of the swiss replica watches   game to do this fame, people more difficult to identify. In general, the real academic innovation can not be attached to a faction, and even challenge the authority of the theory, the traditional theory of criticism. So that China's current such a social science research system, academic and theoretical environment, the real theoretical innovation is difficult to produce, and more impossible to get support. In the garbage everywhere, the real good books, good papers but difficult to find it is not


 If the party needs to closely contact the masses, first of all need to mobilize the "party and government system" outside the ordinary party members. If 80 million ordinary party members in addition to the cost of the party is to participate in formalist political learning, no mission, no glory, but no way to monitor the "party and government system" in the officials, they will think that they are associated with the fate of the party and the party?     Organization of grass-roots society, for the people, for their own living community residents, so we join the Chinese Communist Party noble, glorious. Our party has nearly 90 million party members, almost every one of the replica watches uk ten adults. Such a large "volunteer" organization, some people, rich, but also lead the government's administrative and law enforcement forces, the party has to organize the community's responsibility and power "out", not to assume "outsourcing&q

the bureaucratic

 Third, the bureaucratic "party and government system" has closely organized nearly 10 million party members; but in the market to swiss replica watches discuss the lives of ordinary party members and the "party system" is more and more obvious. In addition to the cost of the party, more than 80 million ordinary party members only more than ordinary people to do one thing: listen to officials read the official online documents and participate in online copy of the replica watches uk document points "exam".     Fourth, the bureaucratic trend has led to a change in the nature of the party. Many college students to join the party is to be admitted to the "party and government system", from the masses to "official", and not for the rooted grassroots, the masses of their own liberation of their own noble. Now, the "party and government system" and "public institutions" other than the labor market organization, the large

national ideology

    Why since the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty two thousand years of the dynasties have claimed that "filial piety to the world" There are family "filial piety" have grassroots community "faithful". Social "loyalty" only the government's "honor and disgrace", that is, "the four-dimensional". This is to say that the government is based on the rule of the grassroots community.     Mr. Fei Xiaotong put forward the concept of "squire China", which means that the governance of traditional China is the rule of the gentry. First, the squire is a "Confucian party", the gentry of the rule of the primary school Confucian disciples of the leadership of the autonomy, and the government composed of Confucian disciples are organic consistent. Second, the core values ​​of society is to the country, the rise and fall of the truth is similar. I just instructed Bian Hengqin students completed their thirty million wor

Regardless of

Regardless of ancient and modern and the size of the country rich and poor, bureaucratic system can not be a separate country, people's autonomy has always been more important than bureaucratic rule. This is the political iron law. Bureaucratic system can do the swiss replica watches national "event", but can not do the daily residents of the "small things". Community self-government organizations can do "small things", but can not do the country's "event." However, the "little things" of the residents' community life is more important than the national "event" because the "people's heart" is mainly "small" rather than "big". The Communist Party early years without money and no guns, can not do the country "event", but under the grassroots level really conscientiously organized the village community, completed the people's "little things", surrounded by th

ruling party

What is the truth of water? The first is the benefit of things, not the emphasis on the noble; the second is the trend, the total to the noble shame of the humble place to go with the bottom of the masses together, hard and simple, not poetry and painting, poetry tea camellia appreciation Force is proud of; the third is to fight, homeopathy, modest and prudent, "Qiao also do not compete for spring." "Lu's Spring and Autumn" has words, "water does not rot, household pivot (that is, the door axis) is not a beetle (sound block, that is, insects)." Zhu Xi also lamented, "asked the drainage which is clear, for the source of living water. "Rivers of water pollution foul, but the reactionary reaction, to break through all obstacles on the road ahead. If my party can blend with the people and milk, through thick and thin, always thinking about solving problems for every household, naturally up and down concentric, how to keep "advanced", ho

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I had the early years of the title of "rule of law and" democratic "superstition" of the anthology, included some of the last century of the manuscript. Comrade Wang Hailong selected this "faith of the people: the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese political tradition", compiled a number of contributions since the new century, most of the  discussion of national progress and the logic of the price. Both for a scholar, of course, very grateful to openly record the opportunity to change the path of thought, grateful for the preparation of this book to do a lot of cumbersome work comrades. Because of the author's thinking and writing ability is limited, the quality of the article varies, in this way to the replica watches uk reader apology.     Recalling these articles, the biggest sigh is the rapid prosperity of our price. 40 years of reform and opening up the achievements of the world recognized, but the price is also rising significantly, the mos

fake replica

 In Yiwu, the Arab businessmen, why more from the war countries rather than the relative peace and stability of the Gulf monarchy? This is because the Gulf monarchy to enjoy the welfare level is too high, the horizon is too high, even if they do not seem to operate business Yiwu small commodity, but in the Gulf monarchy war nationals see this opportunity, there is the corresponding capital accumulation to explore , Start the market.     Yemen is the first Arab businessman to uk replica watches explore Yiwu opportunity, in the beginning of the new century to start the bull market, a group of Yemen in Saudi Arabia to make a keen awareness of local income and consumption began to rapidly expand the potential, they get rid of the building Workers' hats go to China.     Finally, they settled in Yiwu, Yiwu market with inexhaustible cheap goods swept the Arab market, big profits, the Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqi followers, Yiwu small commodities to sell to the replica watches

replica watch

From Yemen to Iraq, Syria and other countries, these are located in the "Islamic turmoil arc" on the national war, does not mean that the lack of business people. Yemen has been seen for many years as one of the rolex replica most prevalent areas of extreme extremism in the world, but it is also a country with more than two thousand years of commercial tradition.     This ancient country in West Asia and North Africa known as the "happy area", "green zone", the birth of the earliest Arab countries Mai Yin (8th century BC to the 3rd century BC) and the Sai Bo Yi Kingdom (750 BC - 115 BC Year), the Egyptian Giza region and the Greek island of rolex replica watches Diego have unearthed the insignificant left by the businessman, commercial tax early along with the agricultural tax to keep pace with the main source of income for the country; Sai Bo Yi people more known as the "South China Sea Philippine Nicky people ", long-term exclusive of the Sou


On the religious activities of the illegal signs, regardless of the uk replica watches parties are Chinese or foreigners, the local police has been staring very tight, once found, reported, approved, the deal is quite rapid. In this regard, I still have to understand.     On the robe, veil and other fundamentalist religious clothing problem, Yiwu local police and other departments have been closely watched, I went to Yiwu two years ago that they are brewing in the development of public places to prohibit such clothing laws and regulations, Yiwu police in the fake watches public Venue warns foreigners to respect Chinese culture and customs, do not wear a robe veil signs photos have also been widely circulated on the Internet.     For the horror, the three forces, from the central to the local government departments in Yiwu have been highly concerned about the strong efforts to combat, effective measures, outstanding achievements, I believe the public will be praised after the future wi

swiss replica watches

Second, there is no doubt that there are many long-term deep-seated social turmoil and even war in the West Asian and North African countries that the zone is known as the "arc of Islamic turmoil", but the swiss replica watches relevant authorities in China have approached visas from high-risk countries Apply for more stringent management, whether this risk is terrorism or after the illegal stay in China, fraud. There is no open and widely advertised, does not mean that the relevant policy measures do not exist.     Thirdly, according to my observation and contact with me for a few years, comrades in the relevant administrative departments of Yiwu have been brave enough to take the initiative to explore and formulate corresponding management measures, which are rarely criticized by the public. Some aspects of policy constraints, and some parts of the country taboo jealousy, and even actively create the risk of doing a big difference. Moreover, over the years the Ministry of

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 As long as we are not advocated by some of the flickering, in the foreseeable future, there will be no German, French, Scandinavian countries as foreign immigrants and refugee crisis.     The reason why this news is so strong in the whole society, the key reason is involved in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali and other war countries and Muslim countries.     The report said the Yiwu government work report shows that the city in 2016 a total of 9675 foreigners issued a temporary residence permit, an increase of 17% over last year, of fake watches which more than half of Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, Which Iraq was last year to apply for temporary residence in Yiwu country.     For ordinary people, in the face of almost all the world's endless horror and riot news, since 2015 has seen the European refugees chaos, the relevant countries and regions alert, it is a normal reaction, but according to my Understand, I think we can believe that the rel


From the perspective of social biology, "society" is defined as a group of individuals belonging to the same species, in a cooperative way (through the exchange of information to complete the relationship between the relationship) organized group operation system. In all kinds of fake watches social creatures people are the most intelligent social animals, so human society is a rapid evolution of the group operating system. Since human civilization has entered the civil society, human society has rapidly developed into an increasingly large and increasingly complex group operation system. Since collaboration is the foundation of social existence, why in human society can always be seen between those individuals and individuals, between groups and groups, between ethnic and national, and even countries and countries not only do not cooperate, but fierce The situation of the conflict In the history of mankind war is the most striking form of conflict, the war is the relations


 So what is human sociality? I think that human beings as the development of the whole nature, a component of the movement, the overall social behavior of the population has some common social attributes. It is a natural attribute of the individual as a collective activity, or as a member of the fake watches society and the activities shown by the induction and abstraction. According to the Marxist view of human nature, in the class society, human society is mainly class. That is to say, in the class society, the social behavior of the whole population is determined by their class status in society. What are the social manifestations of the swiss replica watches people before the class, and (as the social development class is one day going to disappear)? Is there a common, general sociality in the whole population of society?     Because people are the world's most complex creatures, their behavior is the most complex form. If we study their behavioral characteristics for each sp


These acts of great harm to the development of human society are in some wrong cultural propaganda and agitation, launched a lot of people to do. People in the social activities show the self-interest, independence, exclusivity, the pursuit of material interests, and even greed, brutal, cold and other characteristics are actually the specific performance of human nature. People's social attributes are often influenced by the natural attributes of people, and some cultural propaganda that conforms to the natural attributes of swiss replica watches people is easily accepted by people; some social norms that require people to bind natural attributes and even to give up their individual needs, even if From a large range, from the long-term interests of the  human, but also for each individual are beneficial behavior requirements are often very difficult to achieve. As people often say, "do good things like the current sailing, to make great efforts; and do bad things is often a


The difference in the genetic composition of humans and animals is actually very small. And the structure of the whole body, including the structure of the brain and the basic activities of the function, are determined by the human gene. According to the study of social biology (the study of new disciplines based on the biological basis of various social behaviors of replica watches various organisms including human body) "gene is the initiation reason and activity of all rich life movement of biological activity, The basic reason for evolution. "" Genes must be selfish, adversity can not exist: so the gene is selfish, it can not be selfish, because of this, individual and individual organizations at all levels of behavior have shown selfishness. In a statement, in the theory of social biology, because of the selfish nature of the replica watches uk gene, it is selfish to decide that the creature is essentially self. "" Social biology: new synthesis ":


People are the main body of the social system operation, people in the social system to run a kind of characteristics (human nature) is a long time to understand their own people, to understand a major issue of society. So what is the middle of human nature is beneficial to the operation of the rolex replica community (to strengthen the relationship between cooperation) attributes, which are unfavorable attributes? In order to facilitate the study of human nature, it is generally divided into natural and social attributes of two aspects.     The natural attributes of human beings, also known as human biologicality, are the characteristics of human formation in biological evolution, mainly by the material structure of the human body, the rolex replica watches physiological structure and the basic characteristics of the process of intercourse with nature in millions of years, such as appetite , Sexual desire, self-preservation ability and so on. The natural attributes of humans are ba


Type 2 diabetes and Diabetes equivalent, seems to have become a norm of Chinese medicine, even if there is no clinical symptoms of Diabetes, medical records are also written on the corresponding correspondence. On the uk replica watches actual clinical situation, type 2 diabetes, most of the performance of Diabetes is not, and Chinese medicine can not be three "card" equate. Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients have occurred, more is no occurrence of Diabetes, or even no symptoms of patients. Clinical symptoms confirmed, we should pay attention to two aspects, one is the laboratory examination, that is, fasting blood glucose, glucose tolerance, etc., the second is four diagnostic ginseng, seek truth from facts to collect and confirm the symptoms of patients, more than three symptoms Is there, no is no, avoid subjective diet to add to the patient.     Diabetes in Western medicine is the nature of the rolex replica disease, what is it in Chinese medicine? Is a disease phenomenon


  Commentator Username Password Registered as commentator Latest reviewers: Older people 3183861910 haizahng100 Cassie dongyiguozhong minkexin xuexue 650925 pingguo sdwfqwe    After posting, this site will record your IP address. Please note that under our law, the website will keep your posting content, posting time and the record of the IP address when you post it for replica watches at least 60 days and will provide such information to you if you have received a legal request Customs agency. Detailed Terms of Use Diabetes is a fasting blood glucose (fasting venous blood glucose ≧ 7mmol / L) as a basic form of replica watches uk a disease, there are type 1 and type 2 differences. 1 type of diabetes is similar to Diabetes, thirsty drink, eliminate the valley good hunger, urine and more weight loss. Now ordinary Chinese medicine outpatient type 1 diabetes rarely, mainly type 2 diabetes, more in physical examination found that excessive blood sugar, it may appear symptoms of swiss rol


Another example, the "high send" theme is the A-share market over the years to gather a popular theme, regulators recently for "high send" a series of swiss replica watches routines have a lot of attention, which makes a lot of such companies Have to modify the program, reduce the proportion of transfer to transfer. Regulatory attention to the "motive impure" high transfer behavior has been convergence, the overall high transfer to the concept of stock speculation heat has declined.     From the perspective of the healthy development of the stock market, the SFC to strengthen the supervision of the practice is worthy of recognition. Strengthen supervision may affect the short-term market trend, but from the long-term point of view, it is conducive to the healthy development of the stock market. From the perspective of the long-term development of the rolex replica stock market, the healthy development of the stock market, far more than the short-term sto


So, why in the April 10 to 14 of the trading week, the Shanghai Composite Index from 3300 points off before the battle came?     The current A-share market, investors are weak, this is an objective fact, while this is also an important factor restricting the development of the rolex replica market. Its most obvious sign is that the market turnover can not be effectively amplified, the market has always been a kind of stock game. Which led to the market weakness of the reasons, mainly through the middle of June 2015 to 2016 early three waves of the impact of the stock market, the market sentiment has not effectively recovered.     Although after 2017, the management increased the supervision of refinancing of listed companies, through the control of rolex uk refinancing amount to hedge the amount of IPO financing increased, but because there are a large number of restricted shares exist, while the reduction of important shareholders On, has not yet formed an effective management appro


    Wang Zhaohui is one of them. He likes to break through and make new attempts, this time there are many possibilities to help him practice the dream. "Now that I have everything I have, I will take control of my life." 2 Last week (April 10 - 14), A-share market once again blocked in the 3300 points before the closure. April 7, the highest index of the rolex replica Shanghai Composite Index 3295.19 points, while the highest point this week fell to 3290.39 points. Friday index is down nearly 30 points, down 0.91%. From Friday's trend, the broader market fell enough to get enough. This also means that the Shanghai index may once again before the 3300 points off without power and return.     Since November 29 last year, the Shanghai Composite Index touched 3301.21 points after the moment, the Shanghai Composite Index has four replica watches uk and a half did not have a third handshake with the 3300 points. Although sometimes 3300 points in close proximity, but the stoc


This is really a difficult problem, a real estate with the real estate so close to the economy, a real estate as the main collateral of the financial system, an even local civil servants wages to a certain extent have to rely on the land of the financial system, and now, determined To take off with the real estate - hook - the - action may be unhappy, but determined no doubt. Real estate is a can not be determined to remove the small three, because the relationship between the interests of replica watches , now it is determined to escape.     During the two sessions this year, there are many entities called for tax cuts, down fees, from Cao Dewang, to Li Dongsheng. Such a call every year, it is impossible to achieve, especially in the case of real estate is suppressed, the tax is more important.     China's 90% of the rolex replica tax paid by the enterprise, as long as the tax can not turn to direct taxes, the possibility of large-scale enterprise tax reduction is not large, bec


This article has long been written, has not been settled, some of the middle of the discussion, coupled with the previous and friends have written a macro three tables of the article, so that no need to write one.     However, the recent Xiongan New District is not allowed to rolex replica speculation, real estate, in my opinion, from Hong Kong's bad land, oligarchy, to change the pattern of housing in Singapore, which the future of the local government's fiscal revenue is historic Turning point, but also to re-look at the local government revenue source of the time.     Xinhua News Agency reported on rolex replica uk April 15, Hebei Xiong'an New Provisional Party Committee, the Preparatory Committee issued a policy, resolutely crack down on land, real estate in the field of criminal acts, real estate speculation, enclosure hoarding and other acts, , Crackdown on high pressure situation; the violation of the law, found together, investigate and deal with, never tolerate s


a. I am not a university teacher, what is the use of papers? They can take this meal to eat, can I? After all, I am outside the system staff, to the book that is already tried! B. Besides, I am now more than 40 years old, it is impossible to go back, if it is fifteen years ago, I will certainly read Bo. But now read Bo, money spent do not say, came out no work, equal to a dry white! C. I will never send a paper, and I am standing in the book said, if there is a chance, my ideal is the work of the body! D. These academic institutions, to know Dr. test, send papers, in addition, as if the world does not exist. It can be said that their paranoia in swiss rolex   their world must be correct. But do not forget, we as outside the system, we know that the book said. Of course, our paranoia is certainly correct in our world. Need to remind is that we are all intellectuals, from beginning to end is the study of research creation, the form can be different, essentially no different! E. A normal


 There are senior users asked, Miao teacher, network lectures for so many years, your comments on the netizens how to see? I Miao real reply, only 0.01% of users, their comments are responsible, worthy of rolex uk being valued. After all, they have worked hard, comprehensive and profound systematic study of my work. In other words, 99.99% of the users, just according to my words to comment, is completely irresponsible, do not have to be ignored. Furthermore, all my works, behind all have their own ideological framework, if not fully and systematically study the study, but according to replica watches a few words to understand the superficial, so that the comments are pale and weak, and even worthless. Of course, there is such a dilemma, there are objective reasons, can not blindly invincible hundreds of thousands of rolex replica users. After all, on the one hand the current social rhythm fast, forced by life, we are very busy, can not draw a lot of specialized time to a comprehensi


I am now an old driver in academia, especially in economics. After all, independent research in economics and Chinese economics has been a full twenty years. Once, because not the doctor of economics and university professors were repeatedly humiliated and ruthlessly rejected by some people. So, when I decided not to live in the rolex replica eyes of some people, to embrace the most real of their own, my self-confidence tolerance, my real piety and my studies have made, so that thousands of netizens, including many Institutional economists see that economists do not have only one standard. Moreover, in economics and China's economic self-taught, of course, can be a real economist. For example, Mr. Mao Yushi, Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan, Mr. Li Daoxiao, and I, are science and engineering students and self-taught economists. According to "Hayek Biography" records, although the Nobel Prize is a turning point in his later years, but Hayek for the Nobel Prize in economics have views.


as the United States itself, but also consider their own domestic economic and political issues. Economically, can support a new Korean war, politically, what will lead to the consequences. Because, North Korea is not the fifties of the last century, the North, the world is not the last century fifty years of the world. At that time, several major powers together, will be able to determine the fate of the times the world, has gone forever. People should be equal, the state should be independent, has begun to become the world trend. Look at the atmosphere and the formation of the swiss replica watches Korean sun festival, the United States can break the North Korean lightning? Look at the Middle East, the US missile attack after the Syrian airport, it is said that Russia, Iran, Syria has announced an alliance. In addition, IS is also active around the world. Demonstrations in the United States. and many more. In fact, the United States internal and external, like a strong outside the d


 I think South Korea is afraid of war. why? First, Korea and North Korea, belong to the same nation, flesh and blood is not a good thing. In particular, it is said that there are a lot of nuclear power plants in Korea, there are a lot of swiss replica watches nuclear reactors, North Korea's shells and missiles as long as hit one of the nuclear reactors, South Korea is a nuclear disaster, if hit more nuclear reactors, or even all nuclear reactors, South Korea this place will become not suitable for human habitation, South Korea can exist? The There are articles, CCTV a few days ago had forward a news: South Korean television station has invited five presidential candidates, open debate. One of the questions is: if the United States pre-emptive, do not inform South Korea, a separate fight against the DPRK, "if you elected (South Korean President) will take what measures?" As a result, five presidential candidates brush on the United States " "Expressed opposition


 North Korea is not Iraq, nor is Libya, not the United States would like to fight can be defeated. Saddam, Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya, they first lost in their own hands. When they were tough, the United States did not start, when they compromised later, they suffered a beat, and died miserable. Second, the failure of replica watches uk Iraq, Libya, but also defeated in the domestic factions, not unity and so on. Look at the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as Syria, Iraq inside and outside the IS, from scratch, there is no economic base, there is no cutting-edge weapons, the United States, Russia and other world powers, have used in addition to the atomic bombs other advanced weapons , The Taliban adhere to more than ten years, IS also adhere to the six or seven years, still exist, to completely eliminate them, I am afraid have to take some time. I am not supporting IS, nor is it long for others, to destroy their own prestige, I just want to explain a problem: the first factor in human. F


And North Korea? It seems calm. April 15 Sun Festival, still held to celebrate the General Assembly, parade, show weapons, mass parade, as many. North Korean people interviewed by reporters, are full of rolex replica confidence to win. and many more.     See the above posture, I have produced some of the following analysis.     1, the United States Tomahawk cruise missiles hit Syria airport, it is Syria is a civil war, air bombing bombing of Afghanistan, it is Afghanistan is not calm, but also in a state of war. In order to combat the "terrorists", the field commander has this power. So Trump praised them for doing well. But North Korea is not the same, the United States, North Korea is still an enemy, there is no peace agreement, but there is a paper armistice agreement. The United States took the replica watches uk initiative to attack North Korea, is unilaterally torn up the armistice agreement, the US Pacific theater commander I am afraid that there is no such power and


Some days have not written blogs about international issues. See the United States and the recent launch of Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria's airport, but also an excuse to crack down on Afghan extremists dropped a large air bombs, and some people will Trump from the economic president, changed to the swiss replica watches war president, etc. Still want to talk about their own views.     The US military said to the Syrian airport launched 59 ship-based Tomahawk cruise missiles, according to the Russian people said 23 hits, 36 missing is unknown, killed a total of 7 people, including five soldiers, civilians 2 people. It seems that the United States now missiles have not been so accurate before.     US forces use large bombs - second only to the bomb of the replica watches mother of the bomb, bombing Afghanistan "extremists", which is the first time the United States to use this newly developed new bomb. How many "terrorists" and poor people have been ki


The United States has been dominated by force as the main way to dominate the world, with their own values ​​to develop the world order, to the interests of their own needs, their feelings of the likes and dislikes to the replica watches world, or encourage the color revolution, or directly overthrow the legitimate power of his country. After the end of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, forced by the war to solve the problem of China, and thus forced the whole country to change the world, the United States has been planning for China, and other communist countries, the peaceful evolution. The people who put forward the policy of peaceful evolution, called Dulles, was the secretary of state of the United States. From the fifties of the last century to the present, it can be said that the US policy toward China (peaceful evolution and force containment) has never changed, but China has withstood such a test.     Big country political game, there is always cooperation and co


This article was made on the evening of 8, has not been published, invited by a friend today, want me to write something to talk about the view of Xi Jinping visit the United States, think this text has not yet officially published! And Zeng Jun teacher after the exchange, decided to re-organize after the publication!     Concerned that US President Trump's speech at Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the United States dinner is as follows: "I just want to replica watches say that it is a great honor to welcome the Chinese President and his incredible and talented In China, she is a great star, a great singer, you come to the United States, I am very honored.We have been discussing for a long time, so far, I have nothing to get, absolutely no. But we have developed friendship, which I can see.I think in the long run, we will have very, very good relationship, I am very much looking forward to.     I have noticed one of the short speeches of Mr. Chuan Pu: "We hav


Court documents are difficult to serve, is the impact of court court trial speed one of the reasons. Qingxiu District Court and the area within the financial institutions to communicate with the meeting, the proposed financial institutions and borrowers in the establishment of a loan at the time, agreed to a clear litigation service address, by the borrower to confirm the address and contact telephone, once entered the proceedings , Will use the judicial e-mail address in accordance with the address of the confirmation address to the replica watches uk refendant to send litigation documents, regardless of whether the defendant signed or not, the date of receipt of the receipt is deemed to be served, effectively cracked the court documents difficult problem. Reporters learned that, after the case of swiss replica watches simple diversion mechanism reform, the city court not only efforts to "let the people in every judicial case to feel fair and justice", but also save the l


In the process of advancing the simplification of the diversion process, the city's courts adhere to innovation-driven development, greatly improving the efficiency of the trial. Xingning District Court established litigation service, trial management, trial, implementation and administrative logistics support five centers, formed by the staff judges, assistant judges, clerks composed of 45 new trial team, the formation of a new pattern of trial management. And the implementation of the fake watches "trial and auxiliary affairs centralized management" reform, the case of pre-trial review, investigation, property preservation, scheduling, delivery and other procedural matters, as well as commissioned assessment, identification, audit and other judicial and technical services are subject to trial The management is responsible for the management, so that the business court judges from a large number of complicated transactional work freed, concentrate on the trial, improve


Xingning District Court, in addition to taking before the diversion, filing and the establishment of the trial team split trial, the court further implementation of the document to simplify the reform, the appropriate referee instruments to choose a swiss replica watches simplified format to improve the efficiency of the referee. The court studied in detail the laws of the case in the last five years, distinguished the cases that could be implemented quickly, simplified the production and delivery of legal documents, shortened the payment process and the implementation period. The court for the application of summary proceedings and may be sentenced to three years imprisonment cases, in the trial session to focus on trial, focus on sentencing, improve the efficiency of criminal cases processing. Jiangnan District Court, the establishment of civil and commercial case speed trial team, focused on simple civil and commercial cases. The court set up replica watches uk a mediation team in



"SFC is now the idea is to encourage more business IPO, increase the supply of secondary market assets, to minimize the kind of behavior in the past after the crazy misappropriation." In a recent forum, the founder of the replica watch Thai capital and CEO Song Liangjing This means that. According to the current week at least 10 companies will be the speed of the meeting, including the new media, Bona film industry, and power of the light, Spring and Autumn Period, Jiaxing media and other companies are expected to visit A ​​shares. Not only that, the entire venture capital market, in 2017, seems to be gradually pick up. "We think the spring of the capital market may be coming." Tai Wo Capital Song Liangjing said: "We note that the last three quarters of the new project financing cycle is shortening the primary market has a lot of fake watches stock funds to vote, incremental funds Also need to find the export, this is the market situation. In fact, the entert


Through the refinancing of debt-to-equity swap project. " Yesterday, this unconfirmed news, so that the swiss replica watches entire cultural media industry "fried pot." If the rumors are true, this may be the SFC to the entertainment industry listed on the company to wear another "magic". Some reports of hearsay, and even some entertainment companies start a panic - the secondary market refinancing tightening, will not be transmitted to the primary market, leading to all the entertainment business financing difficulties? Entertainment capital on the replica watches uk multi-party survey shows that strict restrictions on cultural media listed companies refinancing the news is not "groundless." But for the industry most of the entrepreneurs, the situation is not so bad rumors. Zhao Wei incident, the SFC to the replica watches entertainment industry to wear a "magic spell"? Because, the refinancing of listed companies to tighten, but the po


Through the current industry, the parameters of the two electric models, but also can see the electric car technology is rapidly evolving.     BYD e6 400 models equipped with a set of fake watches 82kWh battery pack, the maximum mileage reached 400km, BYD e6 motor total power of 90kW, the total motor torque 450N · m.     Tesla MODEL S product line pulled very long, the battery capacity from 60 to 100kWh. Entry-level MODEL S equipped with 60kWh lithium battery pack, the maximum mileage of 400km, 100 km to accelerate only 5.8s; top MODEL S P100D version, life mileage reached 613km, the motor total power metamorphosis transferred to the swiss replica watches 568kW, peak torque Nearly a thousand cattle, which also let the car into a pure electric production car to accelerate the fastest models, 2.7s will be able to break a hundred. At first, the fuel car by the technical update to catch up with the electric car, with the battery technology advances, electric vehicles will one day complet


In the seven years from 2007 to 2014, the cost of fake watches making electric vehicle batteries in the United States dropped from $ 1,000 per kilowatt-hour to $ 400. At this rate, it is expected that in 2024, the cost of the battery can be reduced to more than 100 US dollars. At that time the era of universal access to electric vehicles completely arrived. At the same time, in the increasingly stringent government standards, fuel cars, the cost of internal combustion engine is constantly rising. Especially in Beijing, this big city, the first to begin to require the implementation of swiss replica watches "national five standards", which on the car manufacturers of engine research and development costs made a huge challenge. Over the past 100 years, the focus of the development of the automotive industry is to make the engine more efficient, so that the efficiency of the car engine is higher, which is all the car manufacturers in the past 100 years to play PK place. But to


From the past life of electric cars, look at its future!EV1 electric carThe development of electric vehicles floating, come today, Tesla's high-profile debut so that electric cars and then into the public today's vision. From the US media motor1 was informed that, throughout the swiss replica watches year 2016, Tesla in the global sales of new cars reached 76,230 units, compared with 2015, sales increased by 50.7%. Internet repairer enterprises have also been electric vehicles as a starting point, have invested in factories. This wave of electric car tide foreground geometry? Is to repeat the historical mistakes or the trend? 360 vice president of Shen Haiyin in May 2015 after leaving 360 to join an electric car business project, he recently shared, referred to the technical barriers to the development of replica watches uk electric vehicles, gave us a good inspiration. Electric vehicle development has been facing the biggest obstacle from the cost of manufacturing electric v


Spring breeze warm, lure weeping willow fall; breeze and noodles, attracted flowers to win. Spring rain silk, mixed with all things, warm wind, shy purple red. Like to listen to the spring rain, gently dripping in the green tiles, integrated a stream, slowly fell on the eaves before. Subtle breeze carrying a trace of chill, swinging that clear water droplets, parallel to the stream line seems to swiss replica watches withstand the temptation of spring, swing oblique. That green grass, in unknowingly, the silent ground out of the replica watches tiny life also felt the arrival of spring. In droves, paved autumn and winter left over from the yellow. That shallow pond swaying slim pond crab, accompanied by the breath of spring breeze, to appease her deep thoughts, miss the distant lover, breeze as mistaken, smile back, who can know her weak and no bone The 100 turn ileum, and who can know her bright no fragrance. Pond next to the replica watches uk peach, I do not know when it becomes


If, Guiqiu, really can be efficacious. Well, I am willing. I am willing to bow deep in the heaven and earth in the swiss replica watches sun and the moon, with the most devout heart, pray for heaven: do not let the years still ruthless, ask you to let the time slow down its pace, let me a little more time, a little more time, Cheng Huan Knees, accompanied by left and right, even to one ten thousand of the kindness. I do not know whether their emotions are a bit too radical, but some kind of fear inside, as if the magic has been, always tear my heart. I can not think, really can not think If so, really there will be a day. ... It will be my life can not bear the pain, even if only slightly in the bottom of my heart like that, I will want to go crazy. At the moment I was so sad and helpless. I do not know, in the rolex replica end is how to be able to stop their own want to stop things, change the reality you want to change? If you can, I am willing to put my heart, in the body of the