is the world's largest watch manufacturer, the last 20 years it sold more than 200 million luxury watches, but the swiss replica watches only one asking for 6 million yuan "BLANCPAIN watch" is held in Beijing when the meeting was China People bought it
The purchasing power of Chinese customers have let "Leslaus" surprised. In the store in Shanghai, side by side with two "Leslaus" prototype, a price of 5.88 million yuan, another price of 5.5 million yuan. Opened soon, 588 million yuan car was ordered 6, while the price is low but no one is interested.
From May this year, the international diamond giants more Le Mei company came to Beijing, two months time to replica watches sell nearly 80 diamonds, each carat diamond starting at 29,000 yuan or more. This makes the company more than the United States and the United States are some tight supply.
These examples show that although China is not a luxury brand of production power, but has become a luxury brand of rolex replica watches consumer power.
Second, who is the main consumer of luxury brands in China.


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