will be wolf like tiger

That is, the development of OLED production capacity, will have "explosive". This is mainly determined by the following factors: First, OLED and LCD technology in the TFT phase of the general, which makes the OLED investment is actually the problem of steaming or printing process. LCD in the TFT products on the replica watches uk production capacity, technology and maturity to swiss replica watches lay the foundation, OLED should be able to better. Second, the display panel industry giant pattern has been formed, the giant and the giant between the competition, making the OLED production capacity planning are generous; this and the initial stage of LCD, industry participants are mostly natural growth of the accumulation process in stark contrast. Third, OLED is considered the next generation of technology, the market after the students that this is the opportunity to overtake the corner, starting companies that this is the opportunity to widen the gap, unprecedented competition. Fourth, in the rolex replica inkjet printing process, OLED and QLED and have the same, which makes the inkjet printing in the backward, then it is likely that the next ten years continued to lag behind, manufacturers must bet a - That is, although large-size OLED investment is now conservative, but once the technical road map established, manufacturers will be wolf like tiger.
Therefore, a basic industry to determine the next three years will be small and medium size OLED explosion period; the next three years will enter the large-size OLED explosion period. The rapid development of the whole industry will be beyond any conclusions that depend on the contrast of historical similar technologies.
In other words, OLED today's so-called "thunder and little rain," the chain, but the last take off before the "abdomen squat" process. OLED future will be through the most beautiful amazing jump, let the world


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