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In the information age, all the specific events may be focused to zoom into a context free from the context of the discussion qualitative, on the line, so that the grassroots society before the widespread existence of a variety of fuzzy, ambiguous, gray area into a non-black That is white, not right wrong to judge, or even rise to justice or not, the basic level of human rights. Everything in daily life is highly politicized, resulting in a variety of grass-roots governance problems. In fact, there is no absolute right or wrong in any practice, but rather the relative balance of the complex forces of practice. With the change of time and space, the complex forces of participation will change, and the relative equilibrium will change. From the specific time and space conditions of replica watches uk absolute justice is not there.
Grass-roots governance, a variety of interaction with a strong chance, sudden, involved in the interaction are often highly personalized, is linked by a variety of specific relationships, but also locked and complex, Is vague and not clear. In the grass-roots governance to be accurate, very difficult.
According to the relevant policies of the state, the standard of rural subsistence allowances and poor households is set by the local
rolex replica government a household income standard, and those households whose per capita income is lower than the government standard should be included in the subsistence allowances or poor households. To be guaranteed to protect, do not let a poor households fall. But in fact, it is easy to say it is difficult to do it One of the biggest problems is the inability to accurately calculate the income of farmers, and in addition to swiss replica watches income, the expenditure is clearly on the farmers family economic situation is extremely large, expenditure-based poverty is real.
It is difficult to accurately calculate the income of farmers, because the current household income is still there is a general self-sufficiency economy, physical economy and cash economy, these economies are lack of thin mind, almost impossible to get accurate statistics. Even if the household income of migrant workers is mostly cash income, it is difficult to statistics. In this sense, China's rural areas is still a traditional agricultural society, not a modern society has been completed, the family income of farmers can not be based on modern social standards for accurate statistics, can only be converted plus estimates.


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