It is a pity that almost all of the developing countries have fallen into the trap of modernization and have not climbed out.

Japan at the end of the 19th century Meiji Restoration Times from the West, although the Japanese mission to visit the West, but found that the Western model can not be copied, then made a "division from Germany" choice. And, mainly by centralized politics, militarism defeated China, occupied the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Island, and then into the Manchu Mongolia, by militarism and colonial expansion, this completed the industrialization.

Thus, it does not belong to the East Asian model, which is based on the inward-oriented accumulation, in the early stage of industrialization of the early militarism. Moreover, Japan to engage in this kind of export-oriented industrialization have to rely on the path of "sub-Asia into Europe" involved in the dispute. Just the ill-fated, and later back to the original shape of Europe and the United States, so it was sub-Europe to take the road of colonialism, the first "Japanese dream" into a nightmare!

then what should we do? Under the conditions of the US occupation of the situation, into a "rely on Europe and the United States", in actively cooperate with the United States checks and balances in Asia, anti-Russian strategy in the extreme pragmatism to consolidate this subordinate relationship, from which to obtain huge strategic interests. So, no matter how long-term ranking of the world's second in Japan, the United States will not suppress Japan as the same hand.

It may not be able to break away from the post-World War II development path, because it can not break away from Europe and the United States after World War II to its political, military, economic all-round control, so the formation of a complete abandonment of sovereignty at the cost of "free rider" process The United States, the United States to Japan as the largest military base in
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So Japan's post-war re-industrialization, and even to achieve and maintain the world's second, more than half a century have been
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