However, for OLED color TV industry's only upstream business, LGD, the most concerned about the problem is not "how many people" to support OLED display, but "absolutely insufficient resources."
According to public reports, the current LGD's E4 line expansion at least, E5 / E6 new, and P10 factory early construction of
rolex replica four projects involving OLED production under construction. Which E4 is the current OLED color TV panel of the main supply production line. LG plans to expand its glass substrate size, in order to achieve 2017 1.8 million TV panel output. 2016 LG total supply of 900,000 TV panels. LG also plans to offer up to 2.5 million OLED color TV panels in 2018. OLED color TV panel supply stability is the Japanese three giant to join the OLED industry premise.
LGD's E5 and E6 lines are for small and medium size areas. Among them, the Japanese manufacturers mature equipment E6 plant, is believed to be mainly available to Apple and other international high-end customers; E5 factory will be the first time using Korean equipment manufacturers equipment, according to the expected early run-in period will be longer, the main target is China Mobile phone brands.
LGD's P10 plant is "future factory". The
replica watches uk  current progress is already ordered to release the TFT stage of the equipment - which also determines the size of its glass substrate will be 10 on behalf of the line. However, the late equipment is on the LCD or OLED is still in the "unknown period." Analysts believe that this shows that the goal is to P10 mature LCD and advanced printing OLED between the choice, and LG itself is more inclined to the latter. After all, OLED is the future display of the mainstream market. Once the P10 factory OLED device orders to confirm, the factory eager to significantly enhance the LG large size OLED color TV panel supply capacity.
The above is a summary of LG's investment in the OLED industry. This situation is prevalent in the global display industry. For example, the domestic display panel giant BOE, 2016 successfully trial out the steaming process of
swiss replica watches large-size color TV with OLED panels, while the Ordos OLED line additional capacity investment, full of sprint Chengdu 6-generation line has recently lighted, Mianyang 6 Line is also stepping up construction, Hefei printing test line is also sprint construction. Among them, just recently lit Chengdu 6 on behalf of the line, you can provide the equivalent of 100 million mobile phone demand per year OLED flexible display screen capacity.


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