internal structure

"The whole internal structure of a nation itself depends on its production and the degree of development of internal and external exchanges.The level of development of a nation's productivity is most clearly manifested in the
rolex replica degree of development of the division of labor." [13] The regional characteristics of elevation and unfavorable agricultural life make it relatively independent of the civilization of the Central Plains and the modern civilization of the world. The new way of life is extremely slow in the Tibet area, which is not conducive to the interaction between the Tibet region and the outside world and the resulting The expansion of the social division of labor, the same is not conducive to the history of the Chinese central government on the effective management of the Tibet region.
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is more and more of its unique and great geopolitical significance for China. It dialectically shows: (1) the relationship between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and China's overall security; (2) Tibet's focus on China's border Relations with the Chinese central government; (3) the relationship between China and the South Asian subcontinent and Central Asian Iranian plateau.
The difficulty of the mountain lies in the attack, the plain is difficult to keep. Form a place where there is a reasonable proportion between the plain and the mountain. Different mountain proportions are often
replica watches uk different but very important for regional security and the resulting regional politics. Mountain is both an obstacle to the plains and a fortress of plain self-defense. If the plains have a proper proportion of the mountain around, it will cause more favorable defense conditions and better security. Ancient and modern to the Great Wall, as small as the bunkers, are plain defense set for the "dangerous mountain fortress." Exist in the barrier-free plains of the four countries of the country, attack and defense difficult. This terrain is conducive to the state - such as the Mongolian Empire - expansion and not conducive to restraint, which swiss replica watches makes very few of these countries through the expansion - over-expansion will overdraft its national strength and accelerate its decline - long-term realization of the entire region Single rule; on the contrary, the barrier-free Great Plains, if its material resources are rich enough, its geopolitical conditions conducive to a variety of strategic forces parallel coexistence and balance of power confrontation.


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