For the color

In fact, the panel industry counterparts, the existing capacity expansion has been actively transferred to the OLED. Including Huaxing Optoelectronics, Samsung, AUO, Sharp USA project, Joled, deep Tianma, Xinli, black cattle food, soft jade and a large number of enterprises in the continued increase in
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Two hot spots, decided OLED is "hot" type
For the color TV industry, OLED this unprecedented scale of investment will naturally not turn a blind eye. So the Japanese three giants quickly "on the train." But this can not change the market reality of consumers in OLED color TV "hear more and see less".
LGD 2018 to 2.5 million color TV panel supply target to see, but only cover the global color TV market less than 1.2% of the
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Then "under the massive investment", why OLED products "still hold partly concealed"? The answer lies in three aspects:
First, the current industry OLED investment is not a long-term plan under the product. More investment is in response to Apple's sudden transition to
replica watches OLED, the formation of market demand and cognitive change, while the emergency development of investment. Such as deep Tianma Wuhan 6-generation line, was originally lcd products, is to build half of the direction of re-adjustment; Chengdu BOE 6-generation line has also experienced from the rigid screen to the flexible screen and accelerate the construction of the adjustment; Huaxing photoelectric Wuhan 6 Project in the planning stage to catch up with the LCD to OLED.


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