A few years ago, some people questioned the country to invest in the construction of the basic investment in the implementation of the proceeds, the state philosopher said that the reason why five thousand years of continuous history of China, because the Chinese rulers, a little stability down, fake watches do not stop doing two things, one Is the road, the second is to build water conservancy, road repair to where the effective rule of the country there, the water that place to repair well, that place the people live and work in peace.

China's "one way along the way" is really able to bring benefits to the countries along the line, those countries along the poor, can not afford to repair their way to the local government is very weak, once 
replica watches they help the country to repair the road, the information Communications set up, the central government of these countries will soon be able to control the state, which for the development of a country is too important. Most of the countries that do not develop are related to infighting, and once they bid farewell to internal friction, they develop quickly. I can be no replica watches uk exaggeration to say that China's "all the way" strategy is really focused on the world's peaceful development strategy.

Some people will say that since you say "one way all the way" strategy so good, for the countries along the country, then why India and other countries will oppose it?

This involves the issue of the right to speak.


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