Shilou County Traffic Transportation Manager Zhang Jianyuan bus private use. August 25 Zhang Jianyuan driving bus to the post office to take personal courier. Shi Lou County Supervision Bureau office meeting study, to give Zhang Jianyuan administrative warnings.

Zhongyang County Safety Supervision Bureau deputy director Lei Bing should violate the work discipline. June 8 thunder soldiers should be working hours in the unit office computer to  rolex uk play games. Zhongyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection Standing Committee of the study, to give the soldiers should be a serious warning within the party.

Xiaoyi City Treasury Payment Center Ren Chunling violation of work discipline. August 26 Ren Chuntao work time in the Treasury payment center on the 2nd window computer playing poker game. Xiaoyi City Supervision Bureau office meeting study, given Ren Chun Tao administrative warning.

Liulin County Purchasing Center Deputy Director Zhang Chaoying irregularly in charge of her daughter marriage. April 18, 19, Zhang Chaoying in the Liulin sunshine century hotel for her daughter to rolex replica watches organize the replica rolex watches marriage when the two banquet guests total 27 tables. Liulin County Commission for Discipline Inspection executive meeting study, given Zhang Chaoying party warnings.

In Liang Junlan view, the discipline inspection department of high-profile handling of disciplinary cadres reflects the implementation of the "eight provisions" of the determination.

Relevant data show that: 2013, Luliang discipline inspection commission found that the violation of the "eight provisions" of 79, the party discipline and punishment 32 people, removed from 2 people.


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