In the unprepared situation of the world, in the earthquake management department without predictions, at 12:28 on May 12, 2008, a sudden magnitude 8.0 earthquake in the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in uk replica watches Sichuan Province Wenchuan Yingxiu - Beichuan - Qingchuan earthquake zone (should be named the Sichuan earthquake), resulting in huge loss of life and property, the victims of nearly 10 million people, more than 300,000 injured, 5 million people lost their homes and flee their homes, many towns were razed The earthquakes have also threatened the Chengdu plains in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, and the earthquakes have spread to Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hainan.

I think that China's earthquake prediction work must be strengthened in the earthquake forecast can no longer only 
replica watches uk reported "hi" (no shock) is not reported "worry" (with shock). To this end, the author in the "earthquake prediction should learn from weather forecast, to provide" earthquake probability forecast "service" article pointed out: earthquake prediction work should be to the weather forecast learning, learn from the weather forecast mode and management experience, brainstorming, team work, "Earthquake probability" forecast information, in particular, to provide timely "destructive earthquake probability" forecast information, in order to better protect people's lives and property, national development and replica watches construction. At the same time, each person can be based on "earthquake probability formula" to calculate the probability of local earthquake, their own earthquake to save their own. This paper will discuss how to develop the "earthquake occurrence probability forecast implementation rules", and how to apply "earthquake probability formula".


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