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We have imported grapes, almonds, cucumbers, carrots, sweat horses, Buddhism and magic through the Silk Road, Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road, and we have always produced exquisite silk, porcelain and rolex replica other manufactured products. As far as the Daqin (Rome) countries dazzled consumers; also made the Roman empire famous scholar Gaiusi Pliny Sikongsu anxious, he will be attributed to the economic crisis in China trade, that Rome imports China Silk and other manufactured goods deficit is too large, gold continued outflow caused by the domestic economic crisis. Northwest Silk Road trade through the Three Kingdoms and the replica watches uk  Northern and Southern Dynasties period of the unrest in the test, in the Tang Dynasty ushered in the most glorious era.

Two Songs: relying on the sea marketing world of goods

Created the fabulous material wealth of the two Song Dynasty is undoubtedly the world's most prosperous history of the country, the Northern Song Dynasty is also the first human history of hundreds of millions of countries, the Tang Dynasty heyday of the country a total of more than 10 urban residents more than 100,000 , The two Song period has increased to 40 seats. The traditional economic structure with agriculture as the main body changed qualitatively in the Song Dynasty, the 
swiss replica watches degree of monetization of the national economy increased unprecedentedly, 70% of the government revenue from the industrial and commercial tax revenue, in many respects has been quite close Modern business society, "traffickers pawn" generation can wear silk shoes, so that modern foreign scholars lament, medieval Western European aristocratic real life level is only equivalent to the Song Dynasty Kaifeng government gatekeepers.


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