two call situation

First, the relationship between the United States and South Korea, Saide into the Korean promoter is the United States, the text was elected in the first and the United States President Trang ordinary phone. Even in the election before the emphasis on the United States "said no", but after the election will continue to strengthen the US-ROK alliance. From the Venter two call situation, the United States will also become the first visit in the country. As long as the United States insisted on the rolex replica deployment of the Sade system in the end, the text in the President also could not carry. Of course, there was a disagreement between the US and South Korea on the cost of billions of dollars in the system, and the government could serve as a reason to shelve the Sade system.

Second, the Korean nuclear-led catalytic. Under heavy pressure, North Korea did not carry out the sixth nuclear test, but also successfully occurred in a medium-range missiles. According to the relevant expert analysis, the DPRK missile may have mastered the nuclear warheads and threaten the United States local technology. North Korea's provocation, the hope that the adjustment of relations between Korea and South Korea in the text is a blow to the Korean people also brought new fears, Korean conservative political parties, public opinion will call to continue to deploy the Sade system.

The country's diplomacy, whether it is a big country game or neighboring diplomacy, interests are the first. China and South Korea's interests, there are some differences. China believes that the Sade system has changed the geopolitics of Northeast Asia and has harmed the interests of China; South Korea believes that the Sade system helps to resolve the threat from North Korea's nuclear. In fact, the interests of the two countries there is a corresponding intersection. On the one hand, China, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regional countries there is a denuclearization of the peninsula consensus; Second, China and the United States to strengthen the nuclear cooperation with the DPRK nuclear coordination. Thus, the North Korean nuclear threat to South Korea weakened, Sade into the Korean logic is not sufficient.

In addition, South Korea did not disclose the relevant technical parameters of Sade into Korea, or did not let the questioned China as a third party to understand the details of the Sade system in order to confirm the Sade
swiss replica watches system will not threaten China's security and security. Sade system monitoring is seven hundred kilometers or two thousand kilometers, for China is a big question mark. As long as the relevant technical parameters and actual data of the Sade system closely guarded, China will resolutely oppose Sade into Korea.

After Sade into Korea, China and South Korea's trust deficit is increasing. At this point, the new government in South Korea must come up with enough sincerity to let China believe that Korea is a reliable friend and neighbor, rather than the first mouse at both ends of the opportunistic. After all, there was a different position on China's position before and during the presidential period, so that China had no distrust of the
replica watches uk South Korean government. Reconstruction of the trust relationship between the two countries, not in China is South Korea - and, in the economic and trade interests of the association, South Korea is more dependent on China. Therefore, the South Korean government to repair the Sino-ROK relations, neither the text in the President's oral goodwill can get, nor is a "Zhihua faction" Li Hai-chan can be completed. South Korea insight into the pain of Sino-Korean relations, that is, to stop the deployment of the Sade system.


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