"The trade financing provided by banks in the form of a distributed book database (such as a chain chain) can both significantly reduce costs and improve safety," said the head of another major commodity trader.

Trafigura and Natixis Bank's tests on block chains on oil deals are led by IBM. "The test does not cost a lot of
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Mr. Stevens also said: "A huge trade network must be set up so that the chain chains can be better integrated into the crude oil market. At present, Natixis has discussed with the oil traders and other commercial banks on how to use the chain chain "

This kind of decentralized, transparent, open, supervised, trackable and so on, has made the traditional sovereign currency marginalized. The great significance behind this is just as the most famous "prophet" in the Internet field. Kevin Kelly pointed out in the book "Out of Control" that the future world trend is centered. Adam Smith's "invisible hand" is a good generalization of the nature of the market to the center. The shortest distance between the point and the point, the best mode of communication between people should also be direct communication, no matter from which aspects cut into the center of the nature of the market are irrefutable.

Point to point to go straight, to the
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After thousands of years of complex human evolution after the evolution of indeed "too tired". Internet, large data, cloud computing, block chain technology, artificial intelligence as the representative of the
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