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 In terms of asset allocation, Guan Qingyou believes that in the context of the strengthening of the financial regulatory environment, corporate bonds difficult and costly, therefore, non-standard transfer is a wealth management companies and high net worth customers must be transformed into a strategy. And the second half of this year with the strengthening of supervision of the biggest negative factors weakened, the financial institutions may re-allocation of bonds; for high net worth customers, high net worth customers, must also be non-standard transfer, and gradually configure some relatively stable bond yields product.

From the perspective of the stock market, with the liquidity contraction, regulatory strengthening, the index changes in the dilemma. On the
swiss replica watchestube Qingyou suggested that investors with lower risk appetite should be cautious about the secondary market, the risk of those who are in the second quarter of replica watches uk this year there are still many investment opportunities. "We have recently sorted out a number of earnings on the GEM and growth is better, PE multiple of 20-30 times the stock, the investment value has gradually emerged.
Guan Qingyou suggested that the future should focus on the three investment:
First, technological innovation

High net worth customers in terms of
rolex replica need to calm their minds, lengthen the cycle, really looking for those who have both technical leadership and practical needs of the technological innovation industry;

Second, consumption upgrades

More and more three or four urban consumer upgrades have been very strong in supporting the local economy.


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