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 It is an important aspect of the reform of the homestead system. At present, there is a saying that in the current rapid urbanization process, with a large number of rural population into the city, urban construction occupies more and more land, of course, this is reasonable, because the population of urbanization must be land for urbanization as a prerequisite. Oddly enough, rural construction land is said to have not only a corresponding reduction, but also a slight increase. Some farmers family into the city, no longer live in rural areas, the village also appeared in the hollow, their homestead did not withdraw to reclamation of grain, which is not a huge waste?

From the perspective of saving the land, the farmers into the city, homestead idle where no reclamation of food, there is a waste of land suspected. However, the reason why farmers generally do not withdraw from the homestead, there are reasons, there are four reasons, first, young people into the city in rural areas, parents still stay in the village, they want to live in the house; the second is usually into the city, But also to come back; three young people into the city, the old may also come back, so leave the homestead to be back when the house to live; four is now the family into the
replica watches uk city, but whether there is a decent living in the city there are very Big uncertainty, they failed to return to the countryside to return to the countryside, and in the current stage of economic development in China, the real family can really decent farmers is actually not much. Moreover, the economic cycle may lead to various problems, so that the right to return home farmers is particularly important. In this sense, the farmers into the city, not they do not need homestead, and even if the farmers have the family into the city, they may also because of various reasons into the city failed, and willing to leave the homestead as a last resort and relief The More than one relief and choice is always good.
On the other hand, the farmers into the city, the countryside appeared idle homestead, not the homestead is a waste, but still free there, ready to reclaim for arable land. In fact, many rural areas in the Midwest, the farmers into the city, the farmers in the empty homestead automatically planted a tree, planted vegetables and even planted crops. Even if the nature of this land is still homestead, the future can also let farmers come back to build a house, but now no waste. The future will not be wasted.

At the same time, the homesteads used by the peasants to build houses are generally not basic farmland, but rather the slope, wasteland, dry land, such homestead reclamation crops and reclamation wasteland. And since
rolex replica there is still a large number of unused land in the country can also be low-cost reclamation but no reclamation, it is absolutely unnecessary to immediately let the farmers out of their still have a protective function of the homestead. In fact, the current countries are vigorously promoting the return of cropland to forest, returning farmland to replica watches grass, returning farmland to lake, China to cherish every inch of land is a strategic rather than tactical, but must immediately immediately withdraw from all rural idle homestead, of course But not to account for the local high prices so that farmers Teng home, but should stay a little redundant resources to provide farmers with retreat, to provide a buffer for modernization.


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