The Celtics in the

The Celtics in the Gaul area have "followers" of the organization. Its duty is the usual execution of the chief command, wartime to replica watches uk assist the chiefs against the enemy. This is a relationship between master and vassal. The term "Vassus" in the feudal system comes from the Celtic language.

Germanic traditional medieval feudal development of the place is mostly the Germanic people, the Germanic tradition of feudal development also has a direct impact. The German-dominated Knendatio is one of the origins of the feudal system. One of the young men declared allegiance to the old warriors, and shared their social status, which is not the Roman tradition. Both in such a ceremony to share social status, all aristocratic. After the Germanic founding, also use such
replica watches a private army. Use land as the cost of hiring a private army. The military connotation of the feudal system can be seen from this tradition.

Moluo Wen Dynasty tradition

There are two systems that have a close and direct relationship with the feudal system. One is "Benefice" (Benefice), one is "immunity" (Immunity). In the period of the Moluowon, the king entrusted the local government to the
rolex replica Counts; most of them were close to the king, and the king would give them land in order to thank his contribution. In addition the king will give the church a piece of land, as the cost of religious services. The king retains the sovereignty of the land, and the so-called beneficite has the right to land. To the Caroline dynasty, this reward became a hereditary system, and the reward of the land began to "fief" (fief). And the immunity is not subject to the jurisdiction of the local government. And this exemption is also inherited in the descendants of the land to undertake, and not by the local government control, so that the lord has the land of political control of the power.


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