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The above reason we must also understand. In the face of such a strong blackmailer, weak national strength, weak science and technology of the uk replica watches country can only accept blackmail, but China is not possible to accept such extortion, because the extortion of the desire is no end, you surrender today The dollar ransom of the file, tomorrow he will overtime to let you pay more. China's only way is to ensure that their network security, the blackmail out of the blackmail, so that his blackmail nothing.

On the network security, I still know a little bit, because my child is a relatively proficient in network security personnel. I know that since 2014, many Chinese network security companies began to launch their own protection platform, which both the traditional security companies such as 360, there are emerging professional protection companies such as dark clouds, and more powerful is the major Portals and shopping platforms have also set up their own security platform, they have recruited, recruiting network security personnel, are trying to build their own network into a wall of iron, for which the cost of the cost can be said to be an astronomical data , From Alibaba to Netease, from Sina to the only goods will be, under the door of all enterprises are master clouds. And some of the industry's professional security platform is almost unknown for ordinary people. But in the industry, they are all thunderous security master. For example, my child told me some of the domestic security attack and defense laboratories, I have been removed from the network all day people almost never heard. However, when the
replica watches uk children speak of these names, but with infinite envy.

Nowadays, these teams built up by the market are already quite large in the country, which is the basis for our future fight against the blacks. With these network security master, when the blackmail out when the black hand, they will naturally cut the sword. With such a large base of the security team, to
fake watches resist and counterattack from the third party attack I think it is not a problem. This time, it seems no exception, just a few days, there are several domestic security companies come up with the solution to break the blackmailers. And as a more sophisticated level of national security sector, they should be a little more for the means of blackmail it.


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