technology bubble

If Buffett does not quickly adjust its investment direction, still stick to the traditional, then Buffett has the results will soon be lost. This time with the beginning of this century, the network technology bubble burst has been quite different. That time, Buffett or bet on the treasure, but also makes Buffett believe that they do not replica watches uk blindly invest in network technology stocks determination. But from the long-term curve, both the bubble burst but as long as the stick to the current technology companies have already earned pours, leading the trend of the tide. Now look, stock god has miscalculation.

Of course, stock god or stock god, although there is a little bit late, but Buffett investment transformation has been opened. Buffett has started holdings of technology stocks, and began to invest in smart jewelry. Do not touch the technology stocks began to change the thinking. Since 2016 a substantial increase in holdings of Apple stock.

Buffett's holdings of traditional corporate stocks, embrace the Internet, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technology stocks marks the beginning of its investment transformation.

Reducing Wells Fargo shares can not say that there is no such consideration. July 2016, due to Wells Fargo's stock repurchase, Berkshire's stake in Wells Fargo reached 10% of the threshold, the application to the
replica watches Federal Reserve, hope to be allowed to maintain the current level of holdings, and may for investment purposes Continue to hold shares of Wells Fargo. But less than a year to eat it. As long as the rolex replica Wells Fargo in the investment and the outlet, the regulation of the red line is unable to stop Buffett's. The key is science and technology to block the Buffett investment in the pace of traditional banks.


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