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Simply rely on the supply of contraction in replica watches uk fact did not play a fundamental role in industrial integration requires capital and investment power, which involves equity investment and secondary market participation.

For the question of
uk replica watches whether "cash is king", Guan Qingyou stressed that the word "cash is king" must be dynamic, large financial institutions, high net worth customers and ordinary investors on the secondary market investment strategy must be different, For financial institutions, it is impossible to cash the king, but ordinary investors may need cash is king.

In addition, Guan Qingyou stressed the importance of overseas asset allocation. Geographically, in addition to more attention to the
replica watches traditional North America, Australia and other regions, should pay more attention to Southeast Asia, Africa. "We talked to many companies on this issue, Chinese enterprises and large investors began to gradually go out to the Southeast Asian region, the African region, this overseas asset allocation is not just to buy his real estate investment fund, to buy a house , More likely there are many industrial investments. "


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