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But what about this argument? There is a biased, feudal system in modern history is a more meaningful word.

1, the feudal system is intended to subcontract land, formed vassal state, the vocabulary for the Chinese since ancient times. This is the original meaning and narrow sense of this concept.

2, the European medieval feudal
replica watches system, the feudal system refers to the European medieval lord noble aristocratic system, that feudalism, Japanese historians translated this sentence into feudal system. Europe feudalism is the legal status and military liability system corresponding to the aristocratic knights. Mainly around the three centers: lords, vassals and land. Japanese historians translated the feudalism of European history into feudalism and used to refer to the local decentralization system in Japanese history.

3, the feudal system, is a Marxist political economy terminology, Karl Marx (Karl Marx) in the "German ideology" and "political economy criticism" and other works to redefine. Marx borrowed the concept of feudalism to
swiss replica watches describe the economic model of "the ruler and the landlord class exploiting laborers through the means of control of land and other means of production, through labor, rent, rent, etc.". This is a generalized feudal system.

As a generalized landlord, there is an economic system and the legal system of the farmer's forced farming and payment of rent, that is, the generalized feudal system. After the Qin Shihuang abolishes the feudal
replica watches uk system and established a unified imperial system, this economic politics and legal system Still exists for more than 2000 years, until the 1950s, China completed the land reform before it was able to change. Therefore, the generalized feudal system has been there.

[Appendix] on the feudal system in Europe (compiled information)

The definition of the European feudal system requires a lot of conditions, but Western scholarships have not yet formed a widely accepted definition. Since the 1960s, many Western historians of the Middle Ages in the West have included a wider social sphere in the feudal system, joining the peasant class, which is bound by the manor system, and called it "feudal society."


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