Although the United States acquiescence, secretly support Israel to nuclear, on India, Pakistan net side, but as the world police, especially the DPRK threatened to develop the United States to the United States of replica watches weapons of mass destruction, the United States must not sit idly by. Therefore, the US international strategy is the urgent task of the DPRK nuclear issue, the United States tried to purify the purpose of military deployment in Asia, to win over China's North Korea for more stringent sanctions for the United States to solve the nuclear threat to the rolex replica  DPRK.

On the other hand, the United States can not wait to force the deployment of Sad in Korea, the Chinese as the biggest enemy, in this case, the Chinese government will really and fox skin?

In fact, North Korea's nuclear and short-range missile capability itself has become a strategic deterrent to neighboring countries, if
replica watches uk it is a threat to China's national interests, it is not a day or two things. Recently the media with the US strategy to dance, sizzling North Korea threat theory, rush with the United States sanctions North Korea, it is not wise. China's national interests are denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and ultimately the world's common destruction of nuclear weapons.


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