since the A shares opened

With the "one by one" summit ended, A shares last weekend began to appear "weak" signs. Investors are grumbling: the stock market "is not the stock market crash than disaster," but also fuse than the fuse, registration system than the registration system, the index retreated 3000 points, stocks fell bruised, the market value of evaporation of 4 trillion. Data show that now 60% of the investors have not played, 30% of investors have been lying down.

Investors said, "not the stock is better than the
replica watches stock market crash," more than the fuse more fouling "is mainly since the A shares opened the" thousands of shares limit "mode. In the 2806 comparable company stock data, there have been 1882 stocks (accounting for 67%) of the stock price has been lower than when the fuse even lower 98 stocks fell 50% from the blowout period. This means that 2638 points last year to fill the warehouse, but set in about 3100 or so, which in the world are not.

The face of investors suffered heavy losses, most people on the stock market "discouraged", there are experts to rescue the market plan: 1, reduce or once again to suspend the IPO. Suspension of IPO
replica watches uk helps stabilize market sentiment. 2, suspended the imposition of stamp duty, nibbling scarred investors and the stock market. 3, so that gold and other national teams to support the market, to avoid A shares once again a sharp diving situation. However, there are friends that the bailout can only say that you catch your breath, the pain is better than the blunt knife flesh, it is better to let it look in place to clean.

In fact, frequent bailout will not only distort the market, but also make more people dependent on the rescue. In the overseas, usually the stock market may lead to a systemic financial crisis, the regulatory authorities will rescue the market. For example, when the financial crisis in 2008, in order to
swiss replica watches prevent the concentration of financial risks outbreak, the US Securities and Futures Commission will be issued a corresponding rescue measures. So in the mature capital market, the introduction of bailout initiatives is quite rare.


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