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What is the current land reclamation in rural areas? Of course yes In the alpine mountain areas and irrigated areas, because the land can not be species, ten years nine do not accept, farmers certainly do not want to species and abandoned. Where the farmers can not sell the land of land reclamation, of course, the capital is not the kind of. Such a cultivated land that is not suitable for 
replica watches cultivation or lack of basic agricultural infrastructure, should be converted to cropland or through land remediation to improve the conditions of cultivation. The current rural areas are not unrivaled, but a large number of farmers can not grow, they have to be more dependent on migrant workers.
The land is not only the production factor, but also the basic guarantee of the 900 million Chinese peasants. It is the last way to the
rolex replica city's failure to enter the city. It is the hometown of all Chinese people. It is the farmer's future. At present, there are still hundreds of millions of agricultural labor in China. Farmers' families still have to rely on the agriculture of the elderly to obtain income. In the case where the farmers are likely to return to their hometowns at any time, the land management right will be kept in the hands of farmers. The village has a farmland farmers to farm, can better protect the rights and interests of farmers, to prevent social risks. The current rural areas there have been widespread separation of people, part of the contracted land farmers to go to replica watches uk  business to their business, and their land flow to friends and relatives farming. If the community through the village to give full play to the "system" function, will be relatively scattered and scattered land contiguous cultivation, you can greatly reduce the cost of farming, reduce operating input. China's collective land ownership may be through institutional innovation to solve the current problems of separation. For example, the farmers can contract the collective land of the contract, they do not kind of, the right to operate by the village community to collect the contract to the farmers willing to kind of village community collectively to the city farmers to pay the rent. The return of the city to return to rural areas require farmers to farming from the village collective to return to their own contract to cultivate their own. As more and more farmers enter the city, leaving more and more cultivated land, it provides an opportunity for farmers to earn income from agriculture, which is still a "dry farmer" who still leaves the village. This part of the local "farmer" People continue to flow out of the backbone of rural areas, become the cornerstone of China's rural governance, but also naturally become a moderately agricultural scale operators and new farmers. This is a natural process.


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