The inter-State wars since the modern industrial revolution did not come from the contradiction between the increase in the total production of nations, but from the contradictions of the countries trying to master their productive forces in their own hands and thus have independent innovation capability. During this period, the size of the technical content rather than the level of gross domestic product determines the number of national wealth. After the industrial revolution, the flow of the world's profits is not labor-intensive countries but technology-intensive countries. Technology (especially the core technology) can only be produced in countries with its own productivity, rather than in the natural resources on which dependent countries rely little on the added value. When the product exchange is based on the value of technology for the profit-oriented, at this time to export their own resources to transfer their market in exchange for industrial countries, dependent technology in the international profit distribution system in the share of the share is insignificant The

The earliest to realize this is the British. The starting point for the development of the United Kingdom is the raw material products (ie, wool and thus the development of the textile industry), for the "British development of wool textile industry, the logical starting point," China's economic historian Mei Junjie that "is to limit the free export of wool raw materials." In all economic activities, just started the British grasp the most tight is not the development of their own resources, but the development of independent innovation technology and monopoly. The irony of today's free trade myth is that the kingdom of this myth (Britain), at its infancy, is precisely the use of brutal state violence to advance and monopolize technology, which is in
rolex replica line with the creation of human rights ideology (France ) Was once the manufacture of "guillotine" hometown phenomenon coincides with the phenomenon.

As early as 1258, the United Kingdom promulgated the "Oxford Ordinance" with strong protectionist content, requiring "all of the
swiss replica watches British wool must be processed in the domestic production, are not allowed to sell to foreigners; everyone must wear their own woven wool " In 1332, 1337, 1376, 1377, 1364 and 1467, the British Government repeatedly stressed these provisions to its people. Not only that, the British royal family will also increase these provisions for replica watches uk the country's will and with the national violence to the implementation of their own people. In 1547, the British royal family in the patent order reiterated: "Only won the license of the Wool Merchants Association members to export wool, other people must be wool into the line, woven into it, or made of hat, belt, "In 1549, the British royal family issued a more stringent patent order, for the no license and the output of wool violation" punishable by double the price of wool exports, wool owners to be put into prison. In fact, in the raw materials outside the wool, wool, worsted yarn, mud and so on are prohibited in the export list. British law stipulates that the first offender is to be cut off his left hand, and the offender will be executed. According to research, Edward III in 1337 made by the ban on the import of wool cloth until the 18th century "is still valid."


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