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One way all the way" initiative is a new mechanism for global and regional economic and social development. Previously, bilateral and multilateral cooperation between China and the surrounding areas, Eurasian economies, South Asia, East Africa and other regions have been deepening, strengthening policy communication between different economies, facilities Unicom, trade flow, capital financing, and people have become A major consensus among the various economies. To build the "free of replica watches charge", will be able to promote regional cooperation, is conducive to building a global free trade system and open type. world economy.

As pointed out by the former Chairman of the European Commission on 21 April 2017, the former Italian Prime Minister in the Pangu think tank "along the way to the EU-China Economic and Trade Cooperation" forum pointed out that "along the way" is focused on long-term development initiatives, with the new mechanism Established, CEIBS will have the opportunity to build a platform for
replica watches uk further cooperation between enterprises and businesses, which will help future global growth. Under the framework of "one road", only the deepening of the cooperative relations between China and the EU will benefit more than half of the world's population. "The common goal of China-EU cooperation is to rolex replica promote global economic recovery and development", "one way" initiative is to adapt to this trend.


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