peaking of luxury goods, most people think that money can not buy things. Small time do not know what luxury is, but do not know the world there are so many things called luxury.
Small time, in their own birthday that morning to eat one or two parents for my cooking eggs, noon to eat their parents to do the garlic noodles, it is very satisfied. In addition to what, are the luxury of the.
On the middle school, when it was called "hero car" flying pigeon or permanent brand bike, for me is a luxury because the parents did not have the ability to buy that brand car, even very ordinary bike also No time to buy. School, seven or eight miles to walk twice a day to go back and forth.The most pleasant thing is that every day at noon after school rushed home to rush, home quickly after the end
replica watches uk of their jobs, regardless of their parents to do, Big bowl, hastily go to the neighbor while listening to the radio broadcast Liu Lanfang or Yuan Kuo Cheng, or Tian Lianyuan or single Tianfang book, while casually to the mouth Pa Li Dan. Book finished meal also eat well, and in a hurry To go to school, then for me, can ride a bike to school, is a luxury.
And then grow up, a production team only a black and white TV, usually have someone to keep, only to move out at night to put some time. More than a hundred people around a TV to see, standing on the stool, standing on the
swiss replica watches table, as well as the table put on the stool standing above ... ... then the program also attracted people "people at the end of the Atlantic" , "Garrison death squads" ... ... then watch the scene so far unforgettable. At that time thinking about their own time to have a TV station? Many people in the village have a TV, (regardless of color or black and white) and their own home did not. This dream is until marriage is achieved. At that time or care adults spent two thousand dollars to buy Taiwan eighteen inch color TV.
Before the TV did not buy TV, radio and tape recorders have also been my hope, and the radio also with me through my life trough, especially after graduating from college work is not smooth, so I was desperate, was
rolex replica listening to radio waves The wonderful music of the Central People's Broadcasting Station was given the courage and perseverance of my life, and the program of the "8:30 pm tonight" section gave me happiness and hope. I slowly came out from the frustration, then I do not know what is extravagant. Now want to come out from the trough is a great luxury.


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