Qingyou pointed

Guan Qingyou pointed out that in 2017 the global macro outside the moderate, internal contraction. The second half of the secondary market, both the equity market is a fixed income market is still investment opportunities; equity investment institutions is expected to increase in 2017 on the layout of the swiss replica watches new three board, overseas mergers or acquisitions or will continue to heat up, but the current market heat The question of "cash is king" is required to be treated differently.    The economy is going to fake watches clear out until 2019    "Looking ahead, from the fourth quarter of this year, the overall downward pressure on the economy will become larger, the economic downturn in 2018 will exist, the economy appears to clear out to 2019. We have been talking about the structure of the pain period happens precisely in the 2017 years, 2018 years of the replica watches past two years, if the two years there is the so-called pain period and we can survive, I think the dawn of the dawn probably occurred in 2019. coincidence, it is exactly 20 years a thorough out. "Guanqing friends said.


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