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Compared with the direct export of cultural products and the export of goods trade, the more important function of cultural cooperation lies in the development of a common default concept and code of conduct, the formation of swiss replica watches a more rational and positive way of thinking, so as to reduce the probability of friction from the source, To resolve the friction that has occurred. Even without considering this irreplaceable meaning of creating a good political and social environment, Chinese culture has a very positive role in creating rational, sustainable economic and business environments.

The basic characteristics of Chinese culture lies in two points: it is particularly emphasized that self-reliance and self-reliance, especially self-discipline and self-discipline; it is such a feature that the history of the Chinese dynasty in dealing with foreign relations is very concerned about the protection of foreign life and property safety, , The constraints of their merchants are not standardized, not good faith behavior, to foreign businessmen to create a friendly business environment. In modern times, when China broke out of the fetters and began to pursue the "catch-up"
replica watches uk   economic development strategy, it was also such a cultural tradition that China did not attribute all the reasons behind modern oppression to the oppression, exploitation and Plunder, more introspection, more blame their own mistakes lead to backward, backward will be beaten. In this regard, in the development of economic and trade, the Chinese ruling party and the government is more to spur the whole country, the whole nation self-struggle, and constantly self-improvement, in order to achieve the ultimate "catch up" target.

In some countries where cultural traditions are more scarce and even seriously lacking self-awareness, societies and rulers are more inclined to blame their backwardness for the "sin" of external forces, preferring to use exclusions and restrictive measures to achieve their goals , Resulting in its business environment is bad, the result is often deteriorating their own economic and social development performance. This is the case whether it is now a developed country or a developing country. To
replica watches resolve the resulting friction, after the occurrence of things through bilateral, regional, multilateral and other channels to seek to resolve is important, but the treatment of disease, more importantly, I am afraid, or through cultural cooperation, imperceptibly let everyone accept the common positive Concept, from the source to reduce the probability of friction. As a result of changes in the prices of primary products, many of the emerging market trading partners are in a dilemma in the macroeconomic environment, which itself will encourage them to introspection, to promote their efforts to reduce economic protection by reducing trade protectionism and improving the business environment; Cultural cooperation, the dissemination of more reasonable and more sustainable concept, can be used to do more with less.


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