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housing prices rose one of the core factors is the rise in land prices. In view of this, I propose to change the mode of operation of the real estate, local governments in advance to do the overall planning, fixed land prices, according to the needs of the people were to develop each piece of land real estate construction standards, and then let the premises manufacturers bid price, This initiative has been introduced, the Government only need to lower the land prices, the price naturally reduced, resulting in a linkage effect, the past, the high prices of natural decline.

2, strictly control the real estate business asset-liability ratio. According to statistics, 2016 A-share real estate industry net debt ratio of 89.4%, 34 key housing prices for 97%, of which asset-liability ratio of more than 80% of housing prices accounted for 24%, between 70% -80% For the 23%, 60% -70% of the
replica watches ratio between 20%. Housing prices such as high asset-liability ratio shocking. I suggest that the introduction of national policy tightly bound housing asset-liability ratio, the housing prices will no longer be reckless, will cut prices to clean up inventory (China's real estate vacancy rate is also very high) reflow funds, house prices are bound to be controlled.

3, taking into account the housing prices are mostly bank loans, house prices fell 20% of most housing prices are facing bankruptcy, a serious threat to national financial stability and security! Therefore, the author suggested that the implementation of the above two at the same time, the appropriate reduction of the
rolex replica various restrictions on home buyers, in order to avoid real estate regulation and control to bring systemic financial risks.

In summary, I believe that from the land supply side to reduce costs, change the previous real estate mode of operation, from the middle of strict control of housing prices, reduce the vacancy rate, from the demand side to reduce the appropriate restrictions, the price will be able to get control , The real estate bubble can also be a smooth landing, and will not lead to large-scale financial risks, in order to achieve "home ownership" to achieve the party "house is used to live, not used to fry" goal.Changjiang Securities announced on the
replica watches uk  evening of May 23, the company's largest shareholder of the new interest rate group on May 23 holdings of 541.71 million shares, accounting for about 0.10% of the company's total share capital. After the holdings of the new interest rate group holding a total of 703305222 shares of the company, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital of 12.72%. It is reported that the new benefits of the Group Co., Ltd. legal representative and the largest shareholder, it is Liu Yiqian.


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