What is "Aggregate Production" and what is "Aggregate Reaction"? Why is the efficiency of "aggregate production" and "polymerization" in the way of production efficiency higher than the division of labor based on labor division of labor? Why is social capital production and non-capital value production is based on "gathering production", "polymerization" on the basis of? These new theoretical principles, has long been in the "credit value theory - the new principles of macroeconomics" has been fully discussed. A variety of value production methods of contemporary society, in the "credit value theory" have been a comprehensive discussion. It is possible to obtain a more rolex replica accurate understanding of the way in which the production value of "aggregation production" and "polymerization reaction" must be put into the comparison of various production modes of contemporary society. Therefore, in order to truly understand these theoretical principles, can not rely on these theoretical briefs can do, it is necessary to read the original can not. Because these are new ideas in an unprecedented new system of thought, it is swiss replica watches impossible to understand by the old obsolete old knowledge system in some people's minds. Some people read the theory of the self is assumed to be based on their own guess on the basis of understanding, I see most people have produced a ridiculous error.

Smith's "Wealth of Nations", which is based on the theory of division of labor, is the originator of capitalist economics. It
replica watches uk can be seen that the "credit value theory" based on the theory of "new generation of production" and "polymerization reaction" is of great significance to the theoretical construction of the new socialist political economy. The development of the objective reality of society, every day in the tips of the traditional theory of backwardness. "The value of the letter" advocated by the new socialist mode of production, not only has been carried forward in China, and is through the "all the way", quickly rushed to the world


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