In the preceding nine terms, there are a number of provisions that the US side is committed to opening up markets for Chinese goods, such as the second, the two sides will soon solve China's own production of cooked poultry meat to the United States is not the matter; For example, in the case of Article 8, the relevant federal regulators of the United States continue to commit themselves to applying to the Chinese banking sector, in similar circumstances, in accordance with US law, apply to the same banking prudential supervision standards for other replica watches foreign banking institutions. This content is no doubt beneficial to China. Even if those other countries promised to expand the terms of imports from the United States, the effect is also a "win-win" between China and the United States, rather than the one-way benefits of transport. This is particularly significant in the fourth paragraph on China's imports of liquefied natural gas from the United States.

The terms stated that the granting of US treatment to liquefied natural gas would be no less favorable than that accorded to
rolex replica  other non-negotiable trade partners in the United States. Companies from China can negotiate all types of contract arrangements with US liquefied natural gas exporters based on business considerations.

From the above statement is not difficult to see that this is the United States to give Chinese enterprises the right to import liquefied natural gas from the United States, with other trading partners. It is absurd to see it as a one-way benefit of China to the United States.

As the world's largest energy importer, China's interest lies in obtaining a stable, cheap import of energy. Especially to minimize the gap between China's energy prices and other major industrialized countries, thereby eliminating the factors that could undermine China's manufacturing cost competitiveness at the source. The interests of the United States is to ensure that the price is sufficient to
replica watches uk enable its oil and gas production enterprises to sustainable operation, but also for its downstream industries, consumers provide the cheapest possible energy supply.


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