Politics is not

This is a Pu Yee Hui scandal forced to advance the election. If there is no "girlfriend door" incident, Park Jiu-hui or Cheong Wa Dae's owner, replica watches  although the relationship between China and South Korea because of Saddle into Korea and into trouble, but the US-ROK alliance will not be as full of uncertainty as it is now.

Politics is not a hypothetical, the reality is Pu Gui Hui was sentenced, South Korea election hastily held, after 60 days of "foreplay", May 9 ushered in the vote "climax". Who can be elected? In the "five male hegemony" race, the text has been in the forefront of public opinion polls - as the
swiss replica watches French mark dragon did not repeat the United States, "Hitt" when the polls are abnormal mistakes, the text is also no suspense was elected as the new President of the Republic of Korea.

In the Yu Sheng, Qing Wa Taiwan once again usher in the liberal (progressive) president. It is not difficult to find an interesting phenomenon, from Kim Yong-San to Kim Dae-jung, from Roh Moo-hyun to Lee Myung-bak, from Pu Gui-hui to the text, basically conservative and liberal take turns. The former advocates the strengthening of the US-ROK alliance and the toughness of the DPRK;
fake watches  the latter seeks to maintain the relative balance between geopolitics between China and the United States (the so-called economic and trade by China, security by the United States, of course, more inclined to China), while maintaining contact with the DPRK "Sunshine" policy.


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