For example, the recent emergence of the city's shared bicycle industry, has become the most money to catch the bar industry. In addition to Alibaba's ants gold service investment sharing bicycles enterprises ofo, Foxconn also announced and domestic enterprises to rely on bicycles together, all kinds of funds are in the rush to share the opportunities for bicycles. However, the current share of the situation of the bicycle industry, despite the flooding of financial markets into the market, but the market simply did not find a suitable profitable business model, venture capital enterprises can only burn too much to seize the market. See the city everywhere throwing the shared bike, the final result may be a chicken feathers. If the influx of  replica watches funds can not be recovered, the risk is likely to be transmitted to the financial markets.

This is only a case, but also means that the current problems facing China's financial markets may be more than the regulators to
replica watches uk  see more, and the strict regulation of China's regulators are more attention to a small number of enterprises and industries illegal, but in fact the financial crisis Outbreaks are often associated with specific violations of the law, but the whole country is overuse the existing financial system, and the national financial market leverage is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the Chinese regulators have to be determined, to swiss replica watches  see the core of China's financial markets, not because of the tight supervision of financial markets to bring short-term impact on the market tied hands and feet, or China's financial market simply can not go to mature road.


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