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Last week, China's various economic data has been basically announced, and the real estate market data has become the focus of attention. For these data, according to the spokesman for the government, from 916 after 2016, especially after 317 this year, some domestic cities have introduced a series of real estate control policies, such as purchase, limit, limit, limit sale And the introduction of the real estate regulation and control policies more and more, more and more rolex replica severe. Therefore, after the introduction of these real estate control policies, especially after the introduction of the 317 regulatory policy in Beijing, the kind of domestic housing prices rising in 2016 the situation has been under control, many Chinese cities in the real estate market began to return to rational.

For example, from January to April China's real estate sales area of ​​416550000 square meters, an increase of 15.7%, growth rate than 1-3 month down 3.8 percentage points. Among them, residential sales area increased by 13.0%. China 's real estate sales of 332.23 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1%, growth rate down 5 percentage points. Among them, residential sales increased by 16.1%. In other words, whether it is housing sales area or the amount of housing sales this year have a comprehensive decline. In particular, in terms of year-on-year, the sales area of ​​Chinese commodity prices rose 36.5% from January to April in 2016, and this year dropped to 15.7%, a difference of nearly 20 percentage points. Last year, the sales volume of merchandise increased by 55.9% Down to 20.1%, a difference of nearly 36 percentage points. The extent of the fall is greater. Also, from January to April this year, 70 large and medium-sized cities in the price changes, from the chain point of view, has been falling for
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However, behind these data, the current China's real estate market regulation and control policy effect is not optimistic. Although this year's housing sales area and sales volume have seen a sharp decline, but did not end this increase. China's real estate sales are still growing, the growth rate is still above 15%, but the kind of crazy than the rapid growth of 2016 just a little slower. Because the real estate market is still growing rapidly, so the domestic real estate developers are still
swiss replica watches optimistic about the current and future of the Chinese real estate market. China's real estate developers not only increased investment in the real estate market, and even more than 10% growth in China's residential investment, the highest record in two years, and real estate developers are still pouring into the land market to buy land, making this year from January to April The amount of local government land transfer payments also hit a record high. Since the real estate developers optimistic about the current and future China 's real estate market, then the government' s real estate market regulation and control the role of the policy will certainly be greatly reduced.


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