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First, the decision whether the scale of foreign reserves will decline, mainly to see the central bank's intervention in the rolex replica foreign exchange market, it now appears, in view of the international needs of the renminbi, unless the exchange rate market fluctuations, the central bank on the RMB exchange rate intervention will be substantially reduced.

If the dollar index re-strength, then the cross-capital outflow rate will rise. For the time being, the Fed's interest rate hike in
replica watches uk June rose, the US economy stabilized, and the Trump government's overall tax cuts, the dollar index will bottom out in the future, cross-border capital outflows probably will continue.

Moreover, whether the cross-border funds will continue to flow out, but also depends on whether the Chinese economy can continue to improve? It should be said that the Chinese economy in the first quarter of
replica watches this year, good performance, which makes the intention of cross-border funds settlement significantly reduced. However, the current domestic economy or rely on real estate and infrastructure investment to pull, behind the need to increase the intensity of economic restructuring.


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