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 Pure "Shangxian" culture and can not let the national nation great, "with Yin" is the fundamental. This involves the management of rules and regulations. Tube said that the development of the country is not the country to a lot of people, the country has never heard of the decline of the country lost a lot of people, a country is the development of a group of people, the decline is also a group of  replica watches uk people, in the final analysis is how to use this group of people , To stimulate the desire of these people and fighting spirit. The current China called this reform reform, saying that reform is difficult, very difficult, very difficult.

I always think that this is the mouth of the national ruling class, or trespassing.

What is reform, reform is the interests of reset, is to break the old distribution system, re-profit. As long as willing to profit, the more difficult things are to do - under the reward must have courage. Whether it is "Shangxian" "with the virtuous" are not and the ruling class together on the sub-gold, on the
swiss replica watches basin of meat? In short, the reform is a word, the ruling class in the end willing to share with the ruling class how much interest to share the interests of the balance, the community to flourish, to share the interests of the balance, the community on the infighting internal friction.
So is it difficult to reform? Is not difficult, is to let people feel that their pay for value or value for money, willing to pay, willing to sacrifice now, in exchange for the future.

What is the difficulty of the reform of the ruling class? It is difficult to vested interest groups do not want to put down their own interests, do not want to share their own interests with others. Every dynasty, the decline of every nation's decline, are vested interests of the Group has too many interests, do not want to share the same people with the joys and sorrows. Most of the people born without land, vested interest groups dream of death, a strong contrast, psychological imbalance, only to produce infighting internal friction, so that everyone die with new life.

The reason why the history of China's governance is better than other countries, in addition to China "Shangxian" "with Yin", there is a 
rolex replica special idea, that is, since ancient times in China have to listen to "home" principal thinking. The development of modern Western countries is the same, are strong national host, can deter the unity of all the hills.


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