Summit Forum is "the way all the way" made more than three years to the highest specifications of the forum activities, this year is an important home of our diplomatic activities, as of May 6, 2017, 28 heads of state or government leaders will clearly participate in the Summit Forum. The Forum is of great importance to the fake watches promotion of international and regional cooperation, with roughly three important objectives: one is to look back and enhance consensus. A comprehensive summary of the "one way along the way" the construction of positive progress, to show important early harvest results, further cohesion of cooperation consensus, consolidate good cooperation situation. Two common business, the layout of the future. Is to discuss the next phase of uk replica watches important cooperation initiatives to further promote the parties to strengthen the development strategy docking, deepen the partnership to achieve joint development. Third, comprehensive cooperation, win-win development. In promoting China's economic and social development and structural adjustment at the same time, to promote international cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation.
"Along the way" development should focus on "four combined"

The "One Way One" initiative is a new impetus to the
replica watches economic interaction between China and other countries in the new situation and a new framework for building a broader, higher level and deeper regional cooperation. However, as the first comprehensive mechanism for comprehensive cooperation, we Need to devise strategies, scientific trade-offs, step by step, focusing on long-term, to build a truly mutually beneficial and win-win, with endogenous sustainability of the global, regional and internal development of the new system.


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