of grain storage

The reason why there are so many problems in the storage of grain, on the one hand there is a problem in the management system, on the other hand is because the amount of excessive national grain reserves, so that the Mavericks pull carts, the state grain purchasing and storage too much scale, On
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Once upon a time, China's grain storage has always been a tradition of Chinese characteristics, accounting for half of grain production, praised by many foreign food research experts. Farmers in the summer or autumn harvest, the general first in their own house for several months, anyway, the farmer's house is also large enough, the venue is enough. Farmers can save the grain on the
replica watches one hand, the price of the market can be escaped from the market, and the market price is appropriate. When the market price is right, the food market will be a smooth effect and the seasonal grain fluctuation will be reduced. Processing enterprises are big grain, their acquisition behavior is just the opposite of farmers, in the grain concentration of listed prices low, the acquisition of some; and in the off-season prices rose less when the acquisition. Farmers and processing enterprises to participate in the acquisition of grain storage model has been there for many years, but in recent years due to the large reserves of national reserves, greatly inhibited the farmers and grain enterprises to store grain enthusiasm, so that the two past grain The main body greatly reduced the storage will, but also basically the grain purchasing and storage pressure are transferred to the national reserves, the huge number of storage, complex system, coupled with mismanagement, which led to the emergence of many strange problems.

China's current grain storage and storage system is nearly 20 years ago in the special background of the formation of the time in order to
replica watches uk encourage farmers to produce more food, but also to solve the farmers to worry about the sale of grain to form an open acquisition of purchasing and storage policy, then the country The number of purchasing and storage is also growing, coupled with the country to develop a relatively high and annual growth rate of purchasing and storage, greatly depressed the market mechanism, the market means of regulation is completely not useful, responsibility and pressure are basically transferred to National reserves come up.


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