Obviously, in the context of regulation, housing enterprises in addition to speed up sales of return funds, but also must find other financing channels, otherwise the capital chain will face the risk of collapse. So, in addition to debt financing, the housing business of other channels is also smooth it? I believe that housing prices "money" has been embattled.

First, the bank financial funds into the housing business channel is also tightening. Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau has said, strict monitoring of bank financial funds illegal flow of real estate. The bank insiders revealed that financial products are off-balance sheet business, the past is not strict
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In this regard, I believe that the reason why the dare to dare in the hot city of the city's generous Happy Valley enclosure, mainly with China's shadow bank is too large. Many banks in the past in order to get rid of regulatory constraints, some financial and entrusted loans and other business moved to the
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Second, in addition to issuing bonds and financial products, housing prices in recent years also willing to overseas financing to
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