"One way all the way" initiative is committed to the formation of a new mechanism of industrial factors gathering. "Implementation of the replica watches uk way" initiative is divided into land and sea two paths: land on the basis of international channels to support the central city along the key economic and trade industrial park as a platform for cooperation to create four major international economic corridors; To focus on the port as a node, the joint construction of smooth and efficient sea transport and large industrial chain integration of the new model. The implementation of the "One Way" initiative will be based on infrastructure, free trade area, industrial investment, technological development, tourism environment construction and many other software construction, to achieve policy communication, facilities, Unicom, trade flow, capital integration and popular.
"One way all the way" initiative is a new mechanism for economic interaction between China and outside. In 2001, China's accession to the
replica watches World Trade Organization, China's economy gradually integrated into the global economy, and with the global formation of a good interaction mechanism. However, with the US strategic shift and the "globalization" trend has emerged, China's internal and external economic interaction mechanism in the WTO under the multilateral system is able to adapt to the new situation, to be further verified. With the deepening of the swiss replica watches interaction between China and the economy along the "one way", the "one way" initiative will also become the endogenous driving force of China's economic development, structural transformation and opening to the outside world.


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