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At the beginning of the founding of the country, the land policy is the foundation of China, if there is no land production materials to the farmers system security, the rulers will lose the support of farmers; if the loss of farmers' support, war, war, victory is dream The why? Because the basic means of production to ensure the basic survival of power, the basic right to live to ensure that the people, the basic people to ensure that the basis of the ruling.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, agriculture has been feeding the industry and laid the foundation for the establishment of the Republic. Since the opening of the market, with the development of the market
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Today, the market economy has risen to national policy, Qinru into all aspects of social life, into the people's ideological behavior, into the economy, political system, into the power to run, into the high-level governance
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This kind of market economy governance strategy, and today's socialist integration has not yet completed, how in the market economy system, taking into account the already vulnerable groups of farmers, promote the "three rural reform", will be a great challenge to the existing regime The This challenge for the
replica watches uk Republic, it is "life unbearable weight", give up stability, give up the happiness of the people, it is easy to once again promote more in-depth market economy reform; take into account the farmers, to achieve national happiness will naturally restrain the market economy free development, Promote the fairness of resource allocation. Based on this, we need to carefully look at and do the "three rural" reform this matter.


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