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 More surprising than the DPRK and the United States is a few days ago the United States Trump government publicly announced that Washington is willing to invite the DPRK Party Chairman Kim Jong-un to visit the United States and the United States and North Korea summit talks, US Secretary of State Tilleson rare to the DPRK No "policy, that is, do not seek North Korea regime change, do not seek to destroy the regime, do not seek to accelerate the reunification of the replica watches North and South, do not seek to cross the" three eight line "to find excuses. Anyone who is slightly concerned about the DPRK-US relations can see that this indicates that the US policy toward the DPRK has begun to undergo fundamental changes. Tillerson's policy toward the "four noes" is simply to overthrow the past The cornerstone of the policy is tantamount to a considerable degree of recognition of the legitimacy and legitimacy of the DPRK regime, which means that the US policy toward the DPRK has made a surprising political and strategic concessions.

Anyone can imagine, listening to the
replica watches uk  United States so "do not seek North Korea regime change", "do not seek to destroy the regime", "do not seek to accelerate the North-South reunification", "do not seek to cross the ' Find the excuse, "the confession of South Korea, what is swiss replica watches so sad ah, because all of this" four no ", and both are the core of South Korea, the most vowed to achieve the goal, and now the United States actually want to discard these things , This is simply a permanent split on the Korean peninsula rhythm, does not mean that castration of the lifeblood of South Korea in general ah!


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