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With the advent of the 1950s jet era, the rapid development of international routes, so that the aircraft within a short time through a number of time zones, pilots need to know the different locations on rolex replica Earth (such as departure and destination time, local time And Greenwich reference time), Rolex in order to comply with this demand, launched a Greenwich watch, but also become a number of airlines, including the famous Pan American Airlines (Pan Am) designated watch. It is not just the pilots who want to know the time of the earth's different places at the same time, but also the clocks and cultural messengers who want to swiss replica watches communicate regularly with us. This is the root cause of my choice of GMT (the function of the ghosts In my deep dive training before the use), although it is now the digital age, but from the watch to obtain time is still the easiest way.
Although in accordance with the Rolex official website classification method, Oyster watch a total of 20 series, but I still like these sports appearance Oyster wrist watch collectively known as the professional oyster series, this series is the most talked about the series, (GMT), lightning pin (Milguass collectively), the king of ghosts, the king of the series, the series of members can be described as a giant drug and nicknamed loud, including exploration, Various ghosts (submarine
replica watches uk collectively), Di (cosmic models Di Tong Na collectively), Y1 (yacht masters) and Y2 (yacht Mingshi II).
As a watch practitioner, when I face the 9 King Kong, and the majority of users like the thought before, weigh the pros and cons, the night can not sleep soundly, but in the end I use the exclusion method to make the choice, Di, Y1 and Y2 over budget; The last only niggas, green ghosts, green needles and blue and black circles, green ghosts and Rolex Logo green Color different abandoned; niggas though cool, but really no green needle practical abandoned.


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