Changjiang Securities announced on the evening of May 23, the company's largest shareholder of the new interest rate group on May 23 holdings of 541.71 million shares, accounting for about 0.10% of the company's total share capital. After the holdings of the new interest rate group holding a total of 703305222 shares of the company, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital of 12.72%. It is reported that the new benefits of the Group Co., Ltd. legal representative and the largest shareholder, it is Liu Yiqian.

Speaking of Liu Yiqian, in China may not be the most rich, but definitely the most high-profile, and willing to spend money. He had to 308 million to buy Wang Xizhi's "safe posts", 169 million yuan to buy
replica watches uk Wu Bin "eighteen should really map volume", 822.9 million US dollars photographed Su Shi's "Gong Fu posts", 280 million Hong Kong dollars to buy Ming Cooking Cocktail Cup. Fang said that spent 2.8 billion Hong Kong dollars to buy a small cup of the Ming Dynasty, which shows Liu Yiqian in the investment of "wayward."

So, why did Liu Yiqian focus on the Yangtze River Securities? As early as April 2015, Liu Yiqian through its new benefit group, transferee Qingdao Haier held 14.72% of the Changjiang Securities shares, involving a total of 698 million shares outstanding shares, becoming the largest shareholder. But Liu Yiqian is not satisfied, and frequently holdings of Changjiang Securities, hoping to obtain the controlling stake in Changjiang Securities.

But backfire, 2016, including Changjiang Securities, including listed brokerage stock all the way down. To this end, Liu Yiqian is high-profile threatened for the country to support the disk, holdings of its holdings of listed companies. January 2016, Changjiang Securities announcement, by Liu Yiqian as the actual controller of China Life Insurance in August 24, 2015 to January 27, 2016, holdings of Changjiang Securities listed trading shares of 237 million shares, accounting for 4.99% of the total share capital, The According to the May 24 Changjiang Securities closing price of 8.71 yuan / share calculation, the new benefits of the amount of holdings will reach 263.1 million yuan.

But the problem is, Changjiang Securities all the way down, Liu Yiqian through its subsidiary all the way holdings, but there have been huge losses. April 2015, Liu Yiqian through its new benefit group, spent 10 billion yuan to become the largest shareholder of Changjiang Securities, an average of 14.33 yuan per share. Changjiang Securities according to the latest stock price of 8.71 yuan / share to a simple estimate, Liu Yiqian this business has been a loss of nearly 3.9 billion. In fact, Liu Yiqian has long been in the capital market all-powerful, with "capital cheetah", "legal person shares king", "additional king", "art collectors" and a series of names. In the securities market, in addition to Changjiang Securities, Liu Yiqian's new benefit group and Guohua Life in recent years in the A-share market movements continue to
rolex replica frequently placard listed companies. New world, fruit farmers, East Lake, including high-tech, including seven listed companies.

Comprehensive operator down, Liu Yiqian placard the above listed companies have accumulated more than 3 billion yuan. So, Liu Yiqian investment in the case of huge losses in the case of Changjiang Securities, why do you want to continue holdings?

First, in the Yangtze River Securities on the loss of tens of millions of dollars, as the investment master Liu Yiqian naturally through a more reasonable price holdings, to dilute the cost. For Liu Yiqian, although the
swiss replica watches Changjiang Securities stock prices continued to fall, they also suffered heavy losses, but as long as he optimistic about the stock, they will insist on a lower price to buy. For him, the Changjiang Securities shares more and more cheap but rather a good thing, which means that follow-up can be lower prices to buy Changjiang Securities.


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