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 The flight market is at the top of the pyramid of the high-end industrial chain. In this "market ecology chain", the test is the comprehensive strength of producers and manufacturers - the level of science and technology, the manufacturing capacity, the level of collaboration, the industrial base, the awareness of globalization and The whole industry chain level and so on. Airbus, in Europe is not a country's power, but reflects the British and French and other EU countries, science and technology, manufacturing collaboration level. Boeing is the United States, but its supporting industry chain also extends to other global markets. China's C919, from the swiss replica watches real market there is still some time, but in the global air fly market, as a rising star, then come from the possibility of great.

China's huge market, decided to C919 market is a big cake. China already has the world's most complete high-speed railway
replica watches network, as well as urban and rural highway network, C919 to join, will make the future of China's transport network to achieve air subway integration, help to save people, logistics costs, to achieve the Chinese market interconnection Interchange, to replica watches uk solve the "three differences" of the structural contradictions. Chinese people sit in China made a large plane, this is not a prejudice of patriotism, but a logical market choice. The plane is not a car, the consumer is not an ordinary consumer, but an airline. In the premise of security protection, the cost factor is the most critical - it is expected that, C919 will certainly be cheaper than Airbus and Boeing.


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