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Why is opening so important for oil and gas system reform? First of all because, only through the open, can effectively transfer to the oil and gas industry, the pressure of reform. Oil and gas system reform is a profound touch of interest reform, and any change in the interests of the reform during the bull market is difficult to implement, holding enough resources are often more inclined to "row to sit, eat fruit fruit." To the bear market, no longer have enough resources for leisurely, more able to form a consensus reform, more determined to reform the determination. And only in a sufficiently open environment, through the cost of cheaper imports of oil and gas competition, the international market bear market pressure to be fully delivered in place.

Second, only through the opening, in order to maximize the elimination of domestic and foreign oil and gas spread to the downstream industry to bring the inherent cost disadvantage, so as to maintain the overall competitiveness of China's national economy. Resource endowment determines that China's oil and gas extraction costs are significantly higher than most oil-exporting countries, and this reality can not be changed in the foreseeable future. In the past, China's labor and land and other factors cost significantly lower than the developed countries, and not higher than other developing countries too much, that time even if the domestic energy, raw material industry to implement a considerable degree of
replica watches uk protection, the increase in costs As for the weakening of China's manufacturing industry and other downstream industries of international competitiveness, under the protection of the higher prices but can become a convenient way to learn non-tax revenue. Today, China has developed into the world's second largest economy, China's labor, land and other elements of the cost has been significantly higher than most of the rolex replica developing countries, and the gap between developed countries is also significantly reduced, if the domestic oil and gas industry to protect Which led to the domestic oil and gas prices significantly higher than the international market, then, many of our downstream industries in an open competitive environment will not be the first defeat. In fact, these years outflow of manufacturing, a considerable part of the pursuit of replica watches overseas markets is relatively cheap energy and raw materials away. We must adjust in time, can not be delayed to the point where it is out of hand.


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