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  The production factors of "international public capital production mode" mainly come from China, natural China can benefit from it, and strive to safeguard their own interests and economic security, "international public capital production mode" investment from the global public securities investors, the United States led Of the swiss replica watches global financial system can play an important role in the natural and multinational financial groups naturally have to strive for and safeguard their own interests, although there will be conflicts between the interests of all parties, but only to achieve compromise and balance, the parties only to form a community of interests and Fate of the community, the entire system to normal operation, the interests of all parties can be achieved. This kind of production can be established and run up, that is, a great progress in human history.

The capitalists of "international public capital production" are international public, although they are not directly involved in production management, but their investment will determine the future rules of business activities, to establish a new relationship of production and distribution. As the birth of the original private capital production has revolutionary historical significance, the birth of "international public capital production" has the same significance.

In fact, socialism and capitalism as a social system, has long been not completely contradictory, in various developed
replica watches uk countries, has long been part of the mixed arrangement, but this fact is not universally recognized, many socialist countries or capitalism The state is reluctant to openly admit, even strongly opposed. We look forward to the creation of "international public capital production" through the rolex replica issuance of territorial securities, and it is a mixed system arrangement in the direction of the global new system of transnational public ownership.

Although this "transnational public ownership" in the short term can not change any country's national system, but this unprecedented mode of production and ownership of a form of a Chinese-led mixed ownership economy, or has extraordinary historical significance.


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