Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian countries or regions still do not solve the problem of farmland fragmentation and agriculture is not scale, the Taiwan region to vigorously promote the so-called "small landlord, big tenant" agricultural development policy, the government out of a lot of money is basically invalid The The root cause is the institutional restrictions on the rolex replica privatization of land, The collective ownership of rural land in mainland China has an unparalleled advantage over Japan and South Korea. We should make full use of the advantages of collective ownership of land and fully mobilize the functions of the collective system of the village community and solve the dilemma of the development of small- Rather than to strengthen the right to operate the rural land, or even the right to operate land rights.

There are two solutions to the land management problems brought about by the separation of people. One way is to further strengthen the land management right on the basis of the two-way separation. There is also a way of making full use of the advantages of the collective ownership of the Chinese
replica watches uk land village community, by strengthening the land collective ownership to solve the land separation caused by land management problems. Land ownership in East Asia and the land does not solve the problem of land fragmentation, because the land is not only the production factor, but also has a strong amount of social attributes and value attributes, the process farmers will not casually transfer their own land. The separation of the three powers may not only solve the problem of land management caused by the separation of the people, but also cause the risk of land loss. After all, China is still in the swiss replica watches  middle income stage, out of the middle income trap, and the rural stability Device. In turn, China's rural collective land ownership can not only provide a stabilizer for rural out of middle-income traps, but also to solve the land-management problems caused by human separation. Simply put, the current farmland system reform should not go to separate the right to contract and the right to operate, but should strengthen the collective ownership of land in the direction. Move forward or backward, this is the focus of the problem.


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